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Hand - Kintsugi CD Album Review

Hand: Kintsugi

Alternative Progressive Rock

Hoping to mystify us once more, UK band Hand returns with their third album Kintsugi, from the Japanese art of pottery repair. Their modern and alternative ... [ Read More ]

Crazy Lixx 2014 CD Album Review

Crazy Lixx: Crazy Lixx

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Appearing to want a fresh start, Sweden's Crazy Lixx returns with their fourth long player, simply self-titled. What has not changed is their hard rock style. Reaching ... [ Read More ]

Lordi - Scare Force One CD Album Review

Lordi: Scare Force One

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

America has Gwar. Finland and the rest of the world has Lordi. What's the difference? Not much, you say. Obviously the common denomiator is that both bands wear ... [ Read More ]

Hell In The Club - Devil On My Shoulder CD Album Review

Hell In The Club: Devil On My Shoulder

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

As baseball great, New York Mets coach, and tricky wordsmith Yogi Berra might say, 'It's deja vu all over again.' Hell In The Cell tosses you into their time machine ... [ Read More ]

Die No More - Elected Evil CD Album Review

Die No More: Elected Evil

Heavy Metal

While you're waiting for the next Metallica album, whenever that may come around, you might want to check out England's Die No More, an upstart traditional heavy metal ... [ Read More ]

Thomsen - Unbroken CD Album Review

Thomsen: Unbroken

Heavy/Power Metal

Thomsen is essentially guitarist and composer Rene Thomsen, a veteran of the heavy metal arena for many years. He's been heading up his namesake band/project ... [ Read More ]

Red Circuit - Haze of Nemesis CD Album Review

Red Circuit: Haze of Nemesis

Progressive Power Metal

Red Circuit is another band that's been absent from the studio for nearly five years, although they have been doing a modest amount of shows over the same amount ... [ Read More ]

Burning Black - Remission of Sin CD Album Review

Burning Black: Remission of Sin

Heavy/Power Metal

Returning to the studio after a five year absence is Italy's Burning Black, delivering their third long player, Remission of Sin. The band does and has done ... [ Read More ]

Bloomfield Kooper Stills - Super Session SACD CD Album Review

Bloomfield Kooper Stills: Super Session SACD

Classic Blues Rock

Here's a recording that will make you consider investing in one of the those expensive Super Audio CD (SACD) players. It may even cause you to upgrade your 5.1 surround ... [ Read More ]

Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction CD Album Review

Atkins May Project: Empire of Destruction

Melodic Heavy Metal

Guitarist Paul May and vocalist Al Atkins have a working relationship that spans better than 20 years, beginning largely with the latter's solo albums. Lately, the ... [ Read More ]

From Light Rose The Angels - 2014 CD Album Review

From Light Rose The Angels: S/T

Symphonic/Melodic Rock/Metal

Call her a chameleon or maybe just versatile, but vocalist VK Lynne has reinvented herself. When I last heard from Lynne she was doing something akin to country pop ... [ Read More ]

Ion Vein - 2014 CD Album Review

Ion Vein: Ion Vein

Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal

Nearly missing in action, at least in terms of a studio album, has been Chicago's Ion Vein. Their last album was better than ten years ago. But founder and guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Metal Machine - Free Nation CD Album Review

Metal Machine: Free Nation

Heavy/Power Metal

Disappointing. That's one word for Metal Machine's debut album Free Nation. Other words would include nearly unlistenable, poorly done, or cringe worthy ... [ Read More ]

Warrant - Metal Bridge CD Album Review

Warrant: Metal Bridge

Heavy/Power/Speed Metal

Alright. Let's get this out of the way at the start. Every reviewer will have to do it. This Warrant is not that Warrant. You know the American hair metal band that's famous ... [ Read More ]

Stud - Rust On The Rose CD Album Review

Stud: Rust On The Rose

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

It took Finland's Stud better than 20 years to get their first album launched. But on the strength of that album, Out of the Darkness, Stud didn't waste any time ... [ Read More ]

Riot - Unleash The Fire CD Album Review

Riot V: Unleash The Fire

Heavy/Power Metal

Unleash The Fire marks the return of legendary New York City metal band Riot, two years after the passing of founder and guitarist Mark Reale. Now going by the ... [ Read More ]

Lonewolf - Cult of Steel Coming CD Album Review

Lonewolf: Cult of Steel

Heavy/Power/Speed Metal

There's much to be said for consistency. Begun in the early Nineties, and excepting a brief hiatus, France's Lonewolf has been playing traditional heavy/power metal ... [ Read More ]

In Faith - There's A Storm Coming CD Album Review

In Faith: There's A Storm Coming

Melodic Hard Rock

They say what goes around comes around. It appears for Pete Godfrey and Tony Marshall (ex Contagious, Pride, Vaughn), the principals behind In Faith, that's been ... [ Read More ]

Megasonic - Intense CD Album Review

Megasonic: Intense

Melodic Heavy/Speed Metal

After taking various and different paths, Belgium's Megasonic is the creation of long time friends Lieven De Wolf, Jeroen De Bock and Dimitri Verhoeven. All three have ... [ Read More ]

House Of X CD Album Review

House Of X: House Of X

Melodic Hard Rock

From the roots of the UFO cover band X-UFO comes House Of X featuring former UFO personnel Danny Peyrenol on vocals and Lawarence Archer on guitar, with Clive ... [ Read More ]

Khaos - Risen CD Album Review

Khaos: Risen

Hard Rock

After the ambitious 2012 EP Rising my expectations for Khaos and a full-length album were rather high. Maybe too high. Two years in the making, Khaos, featuring ... [ Read More ]

Alternative5 - Ghost Magnet CD Album Review

Alternative5: Ghost Magnet

Melodic/Progressive Rock/Metal

I can't tell you much about Alternative5. There's four guys in the band. They play a hybrid of melodic and progressive rock. Ghost Magnet is their third album. And they're ... [ Read More ]

Mindmaze - Back From The Edge CD Album Review

Mindmaze: Back From The Edge

Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

It's a strange thing, but hardly uncommon in the Internet age. I had to find out about Pennsylvania's Mindaze through a German promotion outfit distributing ... [ Read More ]

Voices of Destiny - Crisis Cult CD Album Review

Voices of Destiny: Crisis Cult

Symphonic Power Metal

There's really not much to say about Voices of Destiny and the third album Crisis Cult. At least there's nothing new to say about the band, excepting the fact that ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the From Light Rose The Angels 2014 album review

Call her a chameleon, or maybe just versatile, but vocalist VK Lynne has reinvented herself. When I last heard from Lynne, four years ago, she was doing something akin to country pop rock ... [ Read More ]

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