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New Music Reviews
Todd Rundgren and Utopia Live at the Electric Ballroom Milwaukee 23 October 1978 CD Album Review

Todd Rundgren: Live at the Electric Ballroom 1978

AOR/Classic Rock

Here's another trip down memory lane, at least my memory lane. Next to a choice few other bands in the Seventies, like Judas Priest and UFO, Todd Rundgren ... [ Read More ]

Moonland Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa CD Album Review

Moonland Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa: S/T

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Getting a boost back to the international musical stage is Lenna Kuurmaa, an Estonia singer and actrees. She's mostly known for her work with Vanilla Ninja, an all female ... [ Read More ]

Helldorados Lessons In Decay CD Album Review

Helldorados: Lessons In Decay

(Melodic) Hard Rock

The old adage, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it,' probably best applies to Germany's Helldorados and their second album, Lessons In Decay. This could be the second half of ... [ Read More ]

Red Zone Rider 2014 CD Album Review

Red Zone Rider: Red Zone Rider

Melodic/Blues/Hard Rock

I'm sure it's happening as I write, defining Red Zone Rider as a modern super group, a power trio, of retro heavy rock. If not, there, I just did. Red Zone Rider ... [ Read More ]

Saracen - Redemption CD Album Review

Saracen: Redemption

Melodic Symphonic Hard Rock

Though their roots go deep into the Seventies and original success to the early Eighties, England's Saracen has had their their greatest output and success over the last ... [ Read More ]

Malpractice - Turning Tides CD Album Review

Malpractice: Turning Tides

Progressive Metal

While their output has been a bit scattered over the last 20 years, Finland's Malpractice has been soldiering on since 1994. The offer their fourth album Turning Tides ... [ Read More ]

Hemina - Nebulae CD Album Review

Hemina: Nebulae

Progressive Metal

After a quite ambitious start with 2012's Synthetic, Australia's Hemina returns with their second album Nebulae. And it's another recording marked by ... [ Read More ]

Threshold - For The Journey CD Album Review

Threshold: For The Journey

Melodic Progressive Rock/Metal

It's difficult to muster the words to review another Threshold album. There are a great many terrific rock and metal bands, progressive and otherwise, and Threshold ... [ Read More ]

Work Of Art Framework CD Album Review

Work Of Art: Framework

AOR/Melodic Rock

After two rather impressive and quite successful albums, one may wonder whether Work Of Art can do it again. Or you may simply hear 'Work Of Art' and 'new album' ... [ Read More ]

Thank You Scientist - Maps of Non-Existent Places CD Album Review

Thank You Scientist: Maps of Non-Existent Places

Progressive Rock

Thank You Scientist's Maps of Non-Existent Places was originally reviewed in 2012, when they self-published the album. Now, Coheed & Cambria mastermind, Claudio ... [ Read More ]

Audio Porn Midnight Confessions CD Album Review

Audio Porn: Midnight Confessions

Melodic Hard Rock

Possibly everything you need to know about Audio Porn is found in their name. Founded by vocalist Azriel St. Michael, Audio Porn lives in the past, the past of Eighties ... [ Read More ]

The Call A Tribute to Michael Been DVD/CD Album Review

The Call: A Tribute to Michael Been DVD/CD

Melodic Hard Rock

This one's personal. Few bands have had such an impact on my life as The Call. Never quite garnering the success they deserved, The Call, formed and led by ... [ Read More ]

Froskull 2014 Self-titled CD Album Review

Froskull: Froskull

Progressive Rock

On their website, the home page, the first words about Froskull are, 'Nashville's premier progressive rock band ...' And, I'm like thinking, 'Nashville? Shit, they're probably ... [ Read More ]

Wolfen - Evilution CD Album Review

Wolfen: Evilution

Heavy Metal

Evilution or evolution? Is Wolfen changing? Tiring of past music and accomplishments, and wanting to tread a new path? These thoughts crossed my mind while listening ... [ Read More ]

Heliosaga Towers in the Distance CD Album Review

Heliosaga: Towers in the Distance

FF Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Begun in Texas by guitarist and keyboard player Damien Villarreal, but now working out Minnesota, is Heliosaga, a female-fronted melodic and symphonic power ... [ Read More ]

Lord Volture Will To Power CD Album Review

Lord Volture: Will To Power

Heavy/Power Metal

I nearly cringed when a got the email to download my review copy of Lord Volture's third and latest album, Will To Power. Should I or shouldn't I? I listen to a shitload of ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Threshold - Fot The Journey album review

It's difficult to muster the words to review another Threshold album. There are a great many terrific rock and metal bands, progressive and otherwise, and Threshold is definitely one of them. Their constant consistency and creativity allows ... [ Read More ]

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