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Warner Drive - Till The Wheels Fall Off CD Album Review

Warner Drive: Till The Wheels Fall Off

Melodic Hard Rock

How does a Hollywood band end up on a Swedish record label with Swedish distribution and then have promotion from a German public relations joint? Beats me ... [ Read More ]

Shadowside - Shades Of Humanity CD Album Review

Shadowside: Shades Of Humanity

Modern Heavy Metal

While I didn't care much for Shadowside's turn to a more modern metal sound with 2011's Inner Monster Out, the album garnered more than a little international ... [ Read More ]

Wraith - Revelation CD Album Review

Wraith: Revelation

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

The history of England's Wraith dates back to 1987, but apparently, as of the last 20 years, they like to release a studio album every ten years. Their last album was ... [ Read More ]

Quiet Riot - Road Rage CD Album Review

Quiet Riot: Road Rage

Melodic Hard Rock

Iconic American heavy metal band Quiet Riot makes their return with their thirteenth studio album, Road Rage and a new vocalist in James Durbin. Do know that name? ... [ Read More ]

World Trade - Unify CD Album Review

World Trade: Unify

Melodic Progressive Rock

After a 22 year hiatus, Unify marks the return of melodic progressive rock band World Trade. The band was formed in 1989 by guitarist Bruce Gowdy and the ... [ Read More ]

Blazing Rust - Armed To Exist CD Album Review

Blazing Rust: Armed To Exist

Heavy Metal

From St. Petersburg, the hometown of Vladimir Putin, comes the heavy metal band Blazing Rust. Formed in 2014, the band quickly cut a two song demo, Blazing Rust ... [ Read More ]

Snow - At Last CD Album Review

Snow: At Last

Melodic Hard Rock

It's time for another look into the "They Should Have Been Big!" file. Started in 1973 as Speed Of Light by the Cavazo brothers, guitarist Carlos and bassist Tony ... [ Read More ]

Galderia - Return Of The Cosmic Men CD Album Review

Galderia: Return Of The Cosmic Men

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Though I've reviewed bands from France, it's not the first country I think of for heavy metal. But they do exist with bands such as Fairyland, Adagio, and Nightmare ... [ Read More ]

Tower Of Babel - Lake Of Fire CD Album Review

Tower Of Babel: Lake Of Fire

Neoclassical Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Stepping away, perhaps briefly, from his solo instrumental albums, guitar wizard Joe Stump has found time to form a new band, Tower Of Babel. The band is another ... [ Read More ]

Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky CD Album Review

Prospekt: The Illuminated Sky

Progressive Power Metal

Once more we revisit the "Where have they been?" file folder to consider Prospekt. Almost four years from their well-received debut album, The Colourless Sunrise ... [ Read More ]

Soul Secret - Babel CD Album Review

Soul Secret: Babel

Progressive Metal

With a history dating to 2004 and three albums under their belts, Italy's Soul Secret returns with their fourth studio album Babel on Germany's Pride & Joy Music ... [ Read More ]

The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery CD Album Review

The Tangent: The Slow Rust Of Forgotten ...

Melodic Progressive Rock

The Tangent has been consistently releasing albums, studio and live, since 2003, but I haven't been pitched an album since 2011's Comm, a pretty good album ... [ Read More ]

ToJa - V CD Album Review

ToJa: V

Melodic Hard Rock

Formed in 1997 by the "To" and "Ja" of vocalist Tommy Rinn and guitarist Jan Thielking, Toja celebrate 20 years making melodic hard rock in Germany. They celebrate by ... [ Read More ]

Freight Train - I CD Album Review

Freight Train: I

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

Rimini Italy, a popular vacation destination for many Italians, boasts the largest beach resort on Adriatic Sea. It's also the home to Freight Train, a new AOR ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Click to read the Galderia Return Of The Cosmic Men CD Album review

Though I've reviewed bands from France, it's not the first country I think of for heavy metal. But they do exist with bands such as Fairyland, Adagio, and Nightmare to name a few. (Curiously when doing a Google search for "French heavy ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Change Of Heart - Last Tiger Album review

The last we heard from England's Change Of Heart was in 2005, better than 10 years ago. The promising AOR melodic rock formed by vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter Alan Clark makes a comeback with Last Tiger, released by Escape Music, the label that kick started the band's early career ... [ Read More ]