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Grand Magus Sword Songs CD Album Review

Grand Magus: Sword Songs

Traditional Heavy Metal

For traditional "keep it true" heavy metal for the new century, it's hard to beat Sweden's Grand Magus. They've put out a string of consistent classic heavy metal albums ... [ Read More ]

Gallows Pole Doors Of Perception CD Album Review

Gallows Pole: Doors Of Perception

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

Trying to find current information about Austria's Gallows Pole is, essentially, an exercise in futility. They don't up date their website, and their Facebook page ... [ Read More ]

Marauder Bullethead CD Album Review

Marauder: Bullethead

Traditional Heavy Metal

If anything Greek metal band Marauder is consistent. They record and release a new album every four years with Bullethead their latest and sixth album ... [ Read More ]

Wicked Maraya Lifetime In Hell CD Album Review

Wicked Maraya: Lifetime In Hell

Heavy/Power Metal

In telling this tale, I will try not to be convoluted or confusing. Okay. Wicked Maraya, an American metal band with roots in Long Island, recorded a nine song demo ... [ Read More ]

The Order Rock N Rumble CD Album Review

The Order: Rock N Rumble

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

With their previous album, 1986, Swiss band The Order essentially declared their musical manifesto. They play old school hard rock and heavy metal straight out ... [ Read More ]

Universal Mind Project The Jaguar Priest CD Album Review

Universal Mind Project: The Jaguar Priest

Progressive Power Metal

I'll start with my conclusion first as it's simple. With their debut album The Jaguar Priest, Universal Mind Project plays some really terrific progressive power ... [ Read More ]

Savior From Anger Temple Of Judgment CD Album Review

Savior From Anger: Temple Of Judgment

Heavy/Power Metal

Not sure where founder and guitarist Mark Ryal came up with the name for his metal band Savior From Anger. It seems an odd name, and makes you wonder if it means ... [ Read More ]

Long Distance Calling Trips CD Album Review

Long Distance Calling: Trips

Progressive Rock/Metal

It's been sometime since I've had a Long Distance Calling album cross my desk, nearly five years. The German band returns with their fifth album, Trips, and another ... [ Read More ]

Salem Dark Days CD Album Review

Salem: Dark Days

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

A certain clarity comes with age and, if you have some proper sense, some maturity. Born out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement in 1979 ... [ Read More ]

Ravenia Beyond The Walls Of Death CD Album Review

Ravenia: Beyond The Walls Of Death

Symphonic Metal

Okay. From Inner Wound Recordings, who also gave us Midnight Eternal this month, here's another female-fronted symphonic heavy metal band, Ravenia ... [ Read More ]

Midnight Eternal 2016 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Midnight Eternal: Midnight Eternal

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

If you have one symphonic metal band, why not create another one? That appears to be what Operatika band members guitarist Richard Fischer and keyboard player ... [ Read More ]

Haken - Affinity CD Album Review

Haken: Affinity

Progressive Rock/Metal

To hear Haken guitarist Charles Griffiths explain it, the band wanted to drift back in time once more, but not to the golden age of progressive rock from which ... [ Read More ]

Dexter Ward Rendezvous With Destiny CD Album Review

Dexter Ward: Rendezvous With Destiny

Heavy/Power Metal

What is it with heavy metal bands and a fondness for H.P. Lovecraft and his writings? Athens band Dexter Ward takes their name from a Lovecraft character in ... [ Read More ]

Assassin's Blade Agents Of Mystification CD Album Review

Assassin's Blade: Agents Of Mystification

(Traditional) Heavy/Speed Metal

Formed in 2014, Assassin's Blade is a new band formed by Canadian vocalist Jacques Belanger, some four years after leaving Canadian speed metal band Exciter ... [ Read More ]

Steve Angarthal Uranus And Gaia CD Album Review

Angarthal: Uranus And Gaia

Melodic Heavy Metal

If you're not familiar with Steve Angarthal, you may know him as the guitarist for Fire Trails, a traditional heavy metal band from his native Italy. Angarthal also pitched ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Click to read the Salem - Dark Days CD album review

A certain clarity comes with age and, if you have some proper sense, some maturity. Born out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement in 1979, and resurrected some six years ago, UK's Salem plays classic melodic hard rock and metal ... [ Read More ]

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One Year Ago
Click to read the Kamelot - Haven CD album review

There have been few metal bands as constant and consistent as Kamelot. In existence for nearly 25 years, they have delivered eleven studio albums, the latest being Haven. It's another Kamelot power house: melodic and progressive power metal wrapped up in a nearly cinematic symphonic ... [ Read More ]