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Chris Timms The Second Chapter CD Album Review

Chris Timms: The Second Chapter

Melodic/Progressive Hard Rock

One of the great things about being a solo artist is that you can control your music, the circumstances by which it is created and performed. It also allows you to create ... [ Read More ]

Margin Psychedelic Teatime CD Album Review

Margin: Psychedelic Teatime

Melodic Progressive Rock

Formed only several years ago, Margin is the creation of composer and multi-instrumentalist Lutz Meinert. Performing vocals, keyboards, and drums, he recorded ... [ Read More ]

The 69 Cats Transylvanian Tapes CD Album Review

The 69 Cats Transylvanian Tapes

Goth Rockabilly

Honestly, at first I was skeptical. The 69 Cats? Don't you mean The 69 Eyes? I wasn't far from the truth. The 69 Cats features Jyrki 69, vocalist for The 69 Eyes ... [ Read More ]

Scar For Life Worlds Entwined CD Album Review

Scar For Life: Worlds Entwined

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

While Scar For Life has been reviewed on Dangerdog Music Reviews, by other reviewers, this is my first time to consider the band. From Lisbon, the band revolves ... [ Read More ]

Lonely Kamel Shit City CD Album Review

Lonely Kamel: Shit City

Heavy/Stoner/Desert Rock

Norway isn't the first place I think of for heavy stoner rock, but that's where Lonely Kamel comes from. With their fourth album Shit City, the band sounds ... [ Read More ]

Starborn Born By The Wind EP CD Album Review

Starborn: Born By The Wind [EP]

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from Newcastle in the Northeast of England, upstart metal band Starborn offers their first EP of tunes, Born By The Wind. The band is after more traditional ... [ Read More ]

Enceladus Journey to Enlightenment CD Album Review

Enceladus: Journey to Enlightenment

Power/Speed Metal

On their Facebook page, Enceladus defines themselves as the 'new wave of metal.' That's quite an ambitious statement for this San Antonio based band ... [ Read More ]

Supernal Endgame Touch The Sky Volume 2 CD Album Review

Supernal Endgame: Touch The Sky Volume 2

Melodic Progressive Rock

Ditto, or what I said about their first album, Touch The Sky. I said of that album, it's 'one of those magical and entertaining works that you wish you could discover ... [ Read More ]

Striker City of Gold CD Album Review

Striker: City of Gold

Heavy/Speed Metal

With their pedal to the metal, mostly going at warp speed, Canada's Striker returns with City of Gold, their third romp in to traditional heavy speed metal ... [ Read More ]

Various Artists A Blues Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival CD Album Review

Various Artists: A Blues Tribute to Creedence

Classic Blues Rock

One of my earliest recollections of Creedence Clearwater Revival was seeing them perform, lip-syncing I'm pretty sure, Down on the Corner at Disney Land ... [ Read More ]

The Flock Heaven Bound The Lost Album CD Album Review

The Flock: Heaven Bound The Lost Album

Classic Melodic Rock
No Score

My musical history goes back pretty far, into the late Sixties, but I've never heard of Chicago's The Flock. They're often mentioned in the same sentence with Chicago ... [ Read More ]

Hedersleben Die Neuen Welten CD Album Review

Hedersleben: Die Neuen Welten

Melodic/Psychedelic/Space Rock

To say that Hedersleben is both the opening and backing band for Nik Turner tells you everything you need to know about this German band. They play melodic, psychedelic ... [ Read More ]

Strange Land - Delta-V CD Album Review

Strange Land: Delta-V

Progressive Rock/Metal

A work in progress since 1998, Strange Land now consists of only two members, Sean Gill (g,b,v,k) and Brad Klotz (d,v,brass), operating as a studio duo creating ... [ Read More ]

Creation's End Metaphysical CD Album Review

Creation's End: Metaphysical

Progressive Metal

I was beginning to wonder if Creation's End was going to be another one of those 'one-off' projects. Would 2010's A New Beginning, a rather impressive album ... [ Read More ]

Machinae Supremacy Phantom Shadow CD Album Review

Machinae Supremacy: Phantom Shadow

Melodic/Power/SID Metal

Sweden's Machinae Supremacy have been called many things by many people: innovators, pioneers, masters of the digital age for their ability to use the Internet ... [ Read More ]

Flashback Of Anger T.S.R. CD Album Review

Flashback Of Anger: T.S.R.

Progressive Power Metal

Missing in action for nearly five years, Italy's Flashback Of Anger returns to the power metal foray with their second album, T.S.R., the abbreviation for ... [ Read More ]

Project Terror Conquistador CD Album Review

Project Terror: Conquistador

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from the hot flatlands of Texas, Project Terror is a heavy metal band formed several years ago by former Vicious Rumors vocalist Ronnie Stixx. However, that's ... [ Read More ]

Hammerfall (r)Evolution CD Album Review

Hammerfall: (r)Evolution

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Sometimes it's just best to go back to your roots. Hammerfall took some heat from fans over 2011's Infected for the lack of Hector, their mascot, on the cover ... [ Read More ]

Overdrive The Final Nightmare CD Album Review

Overdrive: The Final Nightmare

Melodic Metal (NWoBHM)

I suspect, for England's Overdrive, not much has changed for the band. They're still kicking out the jams like it was 1981, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal ... [ Read More ]

Carl Verheyen Mustang Run CD Album Review

Carl Verheyen: Mustang Run

Instrumental Melodic Rock Fusion

Many of his friends and fellow musicians consider Carl Verheyen a guitar player's guitar player. Bluesman Joe Bonamassa said of Verheyen, “Every time I ... [ Read More ]

Marty Walsh The Total Plan CD Album Review

Marty Walsh: The Total Plan

Instrumental Melodic/Progressive Rock

Marty Walsh is not the current Mayor of Boston. But he could be his stand in, if slicked his hair down with some Brylcreem. No, Marty Walsh is a nearly legendary ... [ Read More ]

X-Drive Get Your Rock On CD Album Review

X-Drive: Get Your Rock On

Melodic Hard Rock

I'm shocked. Knock me off my seat, and pick me back up again. Here's X-Drive, from Los Angeles of all places, delivering some hard rock that doesn't sound ... [ Read More ]

State of Salazar All The Way CD Album Review

State of Salazar: All The Way

Melodic Rock/AOR

On the strength of their 2012 EP, Sweden's State of Salazar has forged their first full-length album, All The Way. The band, made of of students from the ... [ Read More ]

Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen The Second Record CD Album Review

Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen: The Second ..

Classic Rock

Guitarist Tracii Guns set himself on a new path last year when he pulled together his League of Gentlemen and revisited the roots of classic rock. The First Record ... [ Read More ]

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I'm shocked. Knock me off my seat, and pick me back up again. Here's X-Drive, from Los Angeles of all places, delivering some hard rock that doesn't sound like all the heavy and harsh down-tuned modern ... [ Read More ]

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