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Read the Narnia - From Darkness To Light Album music review

The heavy metal lion known as Narnia made its triumphant return in 2016 with their self-titled Narnia. The band featuring vocalist Christian Liljegren and guitarist CJ Grimmark began extensive touring, resulting in ... [ Read More ]

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Sacrilege - The Court Of The Insane Music Review

Sacrilege: The Court Of The Insane

Heavy Metal (NWoBHM)

Once more we enter our DeLorean time machine to travel to the glory days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The sign post up ahead, 1984 where we find struggling ... [ Read More ]

Narnia - From Darkness To Light Music Review

Narnia: From Darkness To Light

Melodic Heavy Metal

The heavy metal lion known as Narnia made its triumphant return in 2016 with their self-titled Narnia. The band featuring vocalist Christian Liljegren and guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Stranded - New Dawn Music Review

Stranded: New Dawn

AOR/Melodic Rock

Perhaps you've never heard of the obscure Canadian band Stranded, or its principal visionary, multi-instrumentalist and song writer Lewis Nitikman. Neither have I ... [ Read More ]

Imago Imperaii - Fate Of A King Music Review

Imago Imperaii: Fate Of A King

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

If you hadn't guessed from their name Imago Imperii is from Italy. They been cruising the European metal underground since 2012. Not uncomnom to many bands ... [ Read More ]

Nocturne Wulf 2019 Debut Album Music Review

Nocturne Wulf: Nocturne Wulf

Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal

Hailing from Glasgow, Nocturne Wulf is a new metal band taking the Scottish highlands and the English countryside by storm. Formed a mere three years ago, the band ... [ Read More ]

Visionatica - Enigma Fire Music Review

Visionatica - Enigma Fire

Melodic Symphonic Metal

... And once more there's nothing new under the sun. Here's another female-fronted symphonic metal band. Making their debut back in 2016, Germany's Visionatica ... [ Read More ]

Mind Key - MKIII Aliens In Wonderland Music Review

Mind Key: MKIII - Aliens In Wonderland

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

The last we heard from Italy's Mind Key was a decade ago. America elected it's first Black American president, Barack Obama, Russia shut off gas to Europe ... [ Read More ]

Hollow Haze - Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas Music Review

Hollow Haze: Between Wild Landscapes ...

Melodic Symphonic Power Metal

Well. Things you don't know. It didn't know that Hollow Haze principal, guitarist, and songwriter, Nick Savio dissolved the band back in 2015 after their sixth album ... [ Read More ]

Billy Sherwood - Citizen In The Next Life Music Review

Billy Sherwood: Citizen - In The Next Life

Melodic Progressive Rock

Versatile and ubiquitous musician Billy Sherwood has been a fixture across music genres for better than 30 years. Mostly known for his contributions to Yes, Sherwood ... [ Read More ]

Nad Sylvan - The Regal Bastard Music Review

Nad Sylvan: The Regal Bastard

Melodic Progressive Rock

Versatile artist and composer Nad Sylvan (Agents Of Mercy, Steve Hackett) returns to finish his vampiric trilogy with The Regal Bastard. In this third installment, Sylvan ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Read the Cryonic Temple - Deliverance music CD Album review

Whence before it took Cryonic Temple nine years to reappear with a new album, 2017's Into The Glorious Battle. Now founding guitarist Esa Ahonen returns with Deliverance in a mere 15 months. Even more ... [ Read More ]

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