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Kat Perkins Fearless EP CD Album Review

Girlschool: Glasgow 1982

Hard Rock/NWoBHM
No Score

This release must be for the graying old school metalheads out there. Those who were there, back in the day. Oops. Yeah. That would include me. Begun by friends in 1975 ... [ Read More ]

Kat Perkins Fearless EP CD Album Review

Kat Perkins: Fearless (EP)

Melodic (Pop) Rock

Though an American I'm not one to take interest in or follow American popular music on a regular basis. Too much rap, hip-hop, country, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift ... [ Read More ]

Veronica Freeman The V - Now Or Never CD Album Review

The V: Now Or Never

Melodic Heavy Metal

The V, as she is affectionately known, is Veronica Freeman. You probably know her best as the lead vocalist for California metal band Benedictum. She breaks out on her ... [ Read More ]

Dimino Old Habits Die Hard CD Album Review

Dimino: Old Habits Die Hard

Melodic Hard Rock

It may be a stretch for some folks to remember. But there once was this glam rock band called Angel, back in the late Seventies. Big hair. Pure white satin(?) ... [ Read More ]

Vile Caliber Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare CD Album Review

Vile Caliber: Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare

Melodic Hard Rock

Where do they find these band names? Vile Caliber? Not getting it. It's like that Dilbert cartoon. The one where the Dogbert ad agency is called upon to give ... [ Read More ]

Osukaru - Transition CD Album Review

Osukaru: Transition

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Begun some six years ago, Osukaru is the namesake of it's founder, guitarist and songwriter Oz Osukaru with the intention of creating an AOR melodic rock band ... [ Read More ]

Borealis - Purgatory CD Album Review

Borealis: Purgatory

Progressive Power Metal

Some four years ago Borealis released their Fall From Grace, and my conclusion was simple. They presented adequate, yet typical, melodic European power metal just ... [ Read More ]

Burning Point 2015 CD Album Review

Burning Point: Burning Point

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Sometimes I wonder why bands do the things they do. I probably shouldn't bother. Personnel changes happen; they're a fact of life. But I thought Burning Point was ... [ Read More ]

On Top - Topless EP CD Album Review

On Top: Topless EP

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Hailing from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, a short hour's drive from Dangerdog HQ, On Top returns with another EP, Topless. The power trio remains consistent in ... [ Read More ]

Devil's Dice - Libertarian CD Album Review

Devil's Dice: Libertarian

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

If you're a band coming from the UK's Midlands or Birmingham proper, you better have the chops, better, the balls and skills to deliver the heavy metal goods. Devil's Dice ... [ Read More ]

Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still CD Album Review

Unleash The Archers: Time Stands Still

Heavy/Power Metal

Working from a solid DIY work ethic, Canada's Unleash The Archers has been churning out tunes and doing shows in North America and Europe since 2007. They've ... [ Read More ]

Romeo Jones Detective - New Crime Fiction by Craig Hartranft
Album of the Week
Click to read the Dimino - Old Habits Die Hard album review

It may be a stretch for some folks to remember. But there once was this glam rock band called Angel, back in the late Seventies. Big hair. Pure white satin(?) bell-bottom jump suits. A very androgynous ... [ Read More ]

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