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Click to read the Big Foot 2017 Self-titled CD Album review

Over the last two years or so, I've had the privilege to be introduced to and watch the development of UK rockers Bigfoot. (I know, you probably think, with a name like that, they would be a band from the American ... [ Read More ]

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Code Red - Incendiary CD Album Review

Code Red: Incendiary

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

So somebody said, "Dude, you should cut a solo album." Too which Ulrick Lönnqvist replied, "What? Seriously? Me?" Perhaps the conversation didn't go exactly like that ... [ Read More ]

Midnite City 2017 Self-titled CD Album Review

Midnite City: Midnite City

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Describing the band's sound as "timeless melodic rock and hair metal," vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Rob Wylde (Tygertailz, Vega) developed his new band, Midnite City ... [ Read More ]

Sparzanza - Announcing The End CD Album Review

Sparzanza - Announcing The End

(Modern) Hard Rock/Metal

Sweden's Sparzanza makes a return to the modern music scene with their latest and eighth album Announcing The End. Is there some message or prophecy in that title? ... [ Read More ]

Target In Range CD Album Review

Target: In Range

Melodic Hard Rock

With Target we drift back into some serious classic rock history. The Memphis band features two notable players, though you may not recognize one of them. The first is ... [ Read More ]

Gypsy Soul - Winners And Losers CD Album Review

Gypsy Soul: Winners And Losers

Melodic Hard Rock

Lost within, but now escaping from, the black hole of bands that should have made it big is LA's Gypsy Soul. Created in 1987 by notable guitarist and producer Ronnie ... [ Read More ]

Vuur - In This Moment We Are Free Cities CD Album Review

Vuur: In This Moment We Are Free Cities

Progressive Metal

Dutch vocalist and songwriter Anneke van Giersbergen makes her return to progressive music with a brand new band Vuur, translated from Dutch as fire, passion or drive ... [ Read More ]

Bigfoot 2017 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Bigfoot: Bigfoot

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

Over the last two years or so, I've had the privilege to be introduced to and watch the development of UK rockers Bigfoot. (I know, you probably think, with a name ... [ Read More ]

Midnight Sin - One Last Ride CD Album Review

Midnight Sin: One Last Ride

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Italy is fertile ground for all types of hard rock and heavy metal. To the latter, symphonic, power and traditional metal have long been staples of the boot shoe country ... [ Read More ]

L.A. Guns - The Missing Peace CD Album Review

L.A. Guns: The Missing Peace

Melodic Hard Rock

Will wonders never cease? I'm not talking about divine miracle intervention, but the unlikely resurrection of a classic band. Most of us know L.A. Guns and their ... [ Read More ]

Fozzy - Judas CD Album Review

Fozzy: Judas

Melodic (Modern) Heavy Metal

Heavy metal and wrestling go together like peanut butter and jelly or, from wrestling lingo, like heels and baby faces. Think of the iconic brew of Triple H and Motorhead ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
From The Archives
Click to read the Vanexa - Too Heavy To Fly Album review

If you know your heavy metal history, then you understand how much the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) influenced the genre. It was a huge paradigm shift that rippled like waves across the world ... [ Read More ]

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