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Read the Judicator: Let There Be Nothing Music Review

Formed some eight years ago by two Blind Guardian fans, guitarist Tony Cordisco and vocalist John Yellend, Judicator has evolved into a band with personnel cast across the United States. Even so ... [ Read More ]

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Tokyo Motor Fist - Lions Music Review

Tokyo Motor Fist: Lions

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

It's been better than three years since we heard from Tokyo Motor Fist, featuring Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley, Trixter guitarist and producer Steve Brown with ... [ Read More ]

Enuff Z'nuff - Brainwashed Generation Music Review

Enuff Z'nuff: Brainwashed Generation

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

The indomitable Enuff Z'nuff, lead by founding member, bassist, and lead vocalist Chip Z'nuff, has been treading the musical waters for better than 35 years. Their album ... [ Read More ]

In/Vertigo - Sex, Love & Chaos EP Music Review

In/Vertigo: Sex, Love & Chaos EP

Melodic Hard Rock

Arriving from the home of the famous Calgary Stampede is Canadian rock band In/Vertigo. Formed only four years ago, the quartet has been performing ... [ Read More ]

Michael Grant & The Assassins - Always The Villain Music Review

Michael Grant & The Assassins: Always The Villain

Melodic Hard Rock

Perhaps you recognize songwriter and multinstrumentalist Michael Grant. If not, here's short history. Grant was the founder of Sacramento alternative melodic hard ... [ Read More ]

Judicator - Let There Be Nothing Music Review

Judicator: Let There Be Nothing

American Power Metal

Formed some eight years ago by two Blind Guardian fans, guitarist Tony Cordisco and vocalist John Yellend, Judicator has evolved into a band with personnel cast across ... [ Read More ]

Bloody Heels - Ignite The Sky Music Review

Bloody Heels: Ignite The Sky

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

One of the great things about writing music reviews for better than 13 years is simply discovering new bands from around the world. Today that band is Bloody Heels from ... [ Read More ]

Alizarin - The Last Semblance Music Review

Alizarin: The Last Semblance

Progressive Metal

Residing in the Los Angeles area, Alizarin was created by guitarist Josh Kay in 2017, intending to be an instrumental forward-thinking metal band. A short year later ... [ Read More ]

Pale Divine - Consequence Of Time Music Review

Pale Divine: Consequence Of Time

Traditional Heavy Metal

Some 50 miles south and west of Dangerdog HQ lies the sleepy burg of Glen Mills. It's not known for many things, but one of the residents, pilot Michael R. Horrocks ... [ Read More ]

Long Distance Calling - How Do We Want To Live Music Review

Long Distance Calling: How Do We Want ...

Progressive Post Rock

Since forming in 2006, Munster based progressive post rock band, Long Distance Calling have had a consistent studio output, offering fans a new album about ... [ Read More ]

Kenziner - Phoenix Music Review

Kenziner: Phoenix

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Formed better than 25 years by Finnish guitarist Jarno Keskinen, Kenziner has had a sporadic output when it comes to studio albums. The last we heard from the ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Read the Holy Tide: Aquila Album Review

Arriving from Italy, Holy Tide is a new project by composer and bass player Joe Caputo. The debut album, Aquila features an international cast of recurring and guest artists. Yet, for the core of the band ... [ Read More ]

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