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AOR L.A. Connection EP CD Album Review

AOR: L.A. Connection

AOR/Melodic Rock

Sticking to his 'LA' theme, classic AOR melodic rock music, and his formula of creating it with the best musicians of the genre, Frederic Sal ma returns with ... [ Read More ]

Yes Heaven & Earth EP CD Album Review

Yes: Heaven & Earth

Melodic Progressive Rock

Coming to review a new Yes album is like coming to the holy grail of melodic progressive rock. What do you say about about one of the seminal and most prolific classic ... [ Read More ]

The Van Burens - Presidential Lovefest EP CD Album Review

The Van Burens: Presidential Lovefest (EP)

Alt/Indie/Melodic Rock

The band takes their name from Martin Van Buren, one of the most unpopular and inept Presidents, not unlike Barack Obama, in American history. Like our ... [ Read More ]

Ichabod Krane Day of Reckoning CD Album Review

Ichabod Krane: Day of Reckoning

Heavy/Power Metal

Ichabod Krane is a new band that features veterans of the American underground metal scene. There's Rick Craig on guitar and George Neal on bass, both ... [ Read More ]

Reaper An Atheist Monument CD Album Review

Reaper: An Atheist Monument

Heavy Metal

To celebrate 30 years of heavy metal, Germany's Reaper brings a new album, An Atheist Monument. It's an interesting fact and somewhat odd, however ... [ Read More ]

Night By Night NxN CD Album Review

Night By Night: NxN

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Let's start with the finish: if you haven't pre-ordered (or, if reading after the release date, bought) Night By Night's debut album NxN, stop reading (did I just say that) ... [ Read More ]

Steel Prophet Omniscient CD Album Review

Steel Prophet: Omniscient

Progressive Power Metal

While largely active and prolific over ten years in the late 90's and early 2000's, Steel Prophet has been silent for nearly ten years. But in the last several years, guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Distorted Harmony Chain Reaction CD Album Review

Distorted Harmony: Chain Reaction

Progressive Metal

Showing the promise that everyone expected after their fine debut album Utopia, Israel's Distorted Harmony delivers Chain Reaction. It's definitely a step up and ... [ Read More ]

Intelligent Music Project II My Kind O' Lovin' CD Album Review

Intelligent Music Project II: My Kind O' Lovin'

AOR/Melodic Rock

What began as John Lawton & Diana Express with 2012's The Power of the Mind, quickly morphed into Intelligent Music Project I. Now, with a little more ... [ Read More ]

The Relapse Symphony Shadows CD Album Review

The Relapse Symphony: Shadows

(Modern) Melodic Hard Rock

Perhaps there's a cloning factory hidden somewhere in an abandoned Cleveland industrial park. Maybe Standby Records merely needed to fill the vacuum left when ... [ Read More ]

Tim Bowness Abandoned Dancehall Dreams CD Album Review

Tim Bowness: Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

Melodic Art/Progressive Rock

Fans of the eclectic world of art and progressive rock are already going looney tunes over Tim Bowness' second solo album Abandoned Dancehall Dreams ... [ Read More ]

Erik Scott And the Earth Bleeds CD Album Review

Erik Scott: And The Earth Bleeds

Melodic/Progressive Rock

If you would have asked me what bass player Erik Scott had been doing for the last 30 years since his stint with Alice Cooper, I would have said, 'Probably a lot.' ... [ Read More ]

Various Artists: Legends - Get It On (SACD) Review

Various Artists: Legends - Get It On

Classic Rock

It seems our friends over at Audio Fidelity, thanks to TimeLife, got the masters from their Legends classic rock series to translate into the Super Audio CD format ... [ Read More ]

Various Artists: Legends - Crank It Up (SACD) Review

Various Artists: Legends - Crank It Up

Classic Rock

Remember informercials? Yeah, I know, they're still around, mostly these days hawking pills to enhance that certain male appendage. But I remember over the years ... [ Read More ]

Sontaag 2014 Debut Album Review

Sontaag: Sontaag

Melodic/Progressive/Space Rock

Sontaag is a bit of a mystery. The information that I've found comes entirely from their page on their label's website (link above). There we discover that Sontaag ... [ Read More ]

Landmarq Origins CD Album Review

Landmarq: Origins

Melodic Progressive Rock

With their anthology, Origins, England's Landmarq wants to put you into a false dilemma, forcing you to make choice you may not need or want to. The substance ... [ Read More ]

Scream Maker Livin' In The Past CD Album Review

Scream Maker: Livin' In The Past

Heavy Metal

Livin' In The Past is not only the title to Scream Maker's latest album, but also a clue to their type of music. Hailing from Poland via the Eighties, Scream Maker ... [ Read More ]

The Front Bottoms Rose EP CD Album Review

The Front Bottoms: Rose (EP)

Indie Folk/Punk Rock

Man I hate having to figure out if I like something or not. I hate it even more when it's an artist I really like. Wow I pretty much just played my hand on this ... [ Read More ]

Evil Masquerade The Digital Crucifix CD Album Review

Evil Masquerade: The Digital Crucifix

Melodic Heavy Metal

It appears Evil Masquerade has made a change, turned a corner of sorts. The last time I checked in with the Danish band it was for 2009's Fade To Black, a decent ... [ Read More ]

Pinnick Gales Pridgen PGP2 CD Album Review

Pinnick Gales Pridgen: PGP2

Heavy/Psychedelic/Blues Rock

I guess the bromance was so good the first time around, they had to do it again. Dug Pinnick (King's X), Eric Gales (Lauryn Hill, solo), and Thomas Pridgen ... [ Read More ]

Kalidia - Lies' Device CD Album Review

Kalidia: Lies' Device

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

On the strength of an EP and sharing the stage with some European heavyweights, like Vision Divine, DGM, Timo Tolkki, and Fabio Lione, Kalidia brings ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Night By Night - NxN CD album review

Storming stages from their native UK to Europe, NxN has been making their presence felt. They've caught the ear of fans, press, and peers. Rik Savage of Def Leppard ... [ Read More ]

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