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Hercules Morse Equine Size Comparison CD Album CD Album Review

Hercules Morse: Equine Size Comparison (EP)

Melodic Hard Rock

Did they name their band after a character in the Hairy Maclary children's books? The Old English mastiff Hercules Morse who was "as big a horse," ergo also the title ... [ Read More ]

Myriad Lights Kingdom Of Sand CD Album CD Album Review

Myriad Lights: Kingdom Of Sand

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

What's in a name? This is my first encounter with Italy's Myriad Lights. As I often do with new bands, I try not take press material too seriously when they describe ... [ Read More ]

Vicious Rumors Concussion Protocol CD Album CD Album Review

Vicious Rumors: Concussion Protocol

Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Will you believe it? Thirty-six years ago guitarist Geoff Thorpe formed Bay Area metal band Vicious Rumors. That's a long time to be forging American power metal ... [ Read More ]

Imminent Sonic Destruction Triumphia CD Album CD Album Review

Imminent Sonic Destruction: Triumphia

Modern Progressive Metal

My interest in Imminent Sonic Destruction started with their unique name. If that moniker doesn't stimulate some investigative interest, you need to bump up ... [ Read More ]

Liquid Steel Midnight Chaser CD Album CD Album Review

Liquid Steel: Midnight Chaser

Heavy Metal (Classic)

Now for round two. Austria's Liquid Steel returns with their sophomore album, Midnight Chaser. The band basically wears their influences on their sleeves ... [ Read More ]

Evergrey The Storm Within CD Album CD Album Review

Evergrey: The Storm Within

Melodic/Heavy/Progressive Metal

It's hard to believe, but Evergrey is celebrating a musical career that has spanned 20 years and produced ten albums. The latest is their ninth studio album, The Storm ... [ Read More ]

Sabaton The Last Stand CD Album CD Album Review

Sabaton: The Last Stand

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

With The Last Stand, Sabaton drops their eighth studio album, once more on the Nuclear Blast label. If you have any familiarity with Swedish metal band ... [ Read More ]

George Tsalikis The Sacrifice CD Album CD Album Review

George Tsalikis: The Sacrifice

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Perhaps you recognize the name, George Tsalikis, but likely not. He lives in the heavy metal underground as the singer and principal songwriter for American ... [ Read More ]

Darrel Treece-Birch No More Time CD Album CD Album Review

Darrel Treece-Birch: No More Time

Melodic Progressive Rock

I'm guessing the vast majority of us rock and metal fans can't name the keyboard player of ninety percent of the bands we enjoy. Sure we can remember Rick Wakeman ... [ Read More ]

Hammerschmitt Still On Fire CD Album CD Album Review

Hammerschmitt: Still On Fire

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

With a band name such as Hammerschmitt, I'll give you one guess to their country of origin. Yeah. Germany. Hammerschmitt has been plugging away at their craft, melodic ... [ Read More ]

Idora Wildcat CD Album CD Album Review

Idora: Wildcat

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

My first thought? That is an odd band name. Idora. It doesn't exactly scream hard rock or heavy metal. But there is some significance to the name. Principal members ... [ Read More ]

Helstar Vampiro CD Album CD Album Review

Helstar: Vampiro

Heavy/Power/Speed Metal

Thirty-five years and counting, Texas heavy metal band rages on with their tenth and latest album, Vampiro. Now, if you're a fan of the band, and just did a double ... [ Read More ]

Running Wild Rapid Foray CD Album CD Album Review

Running Wild: Rapid Foray

Heavy/Power Metal

Sidelined by shoulder injury lasting more than a year, Rolf Kasparek returns with the 2016 version of his band Running Wild and a new album, the seventeenth ... [ Read More ]

Palace Master Of The Universe CD Album CD Album Review

Palace: Master Of The Universe

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Michael Palace, founder of the band bearing his name, is no stranger to melodic hard rock and to Frontiers Music, the label delivering his debut album, Master Of ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
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Click to read the Hammerschmitt - Still On Fire CD album review

With a band name such as Hammerschmitt, I'll give you one guess to their country of origin. Yeah. Germany. Hammerschmitt has been plugging away at their craft, melodic hard rock and heavy metal, for nearly 20 years. Until now, all albums were recorded in German ... [ Read More ]

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Click to read the Praying Mantis - Legacy CD album review

The history of UK's Praying Mantis goes back better than 40 years. The band predated the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but the same phenomena propelled them to the spotlight. Mostly, over last decade or so, like much of classic rock and metal, they've flown under the mainstream ... [ Read More ]