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Read the Neal Morse - Jesus Christ, The Exorcist music review

Some 50 years ago a controversial concept album, Jesus Christ Superstar hit the record stores. The rock opera slash musical made Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice famous and would go on to ... [ Read More ]

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Sweet Oblivion Featuring Geoff Tate 2019 Music Review

Sweet Oblivion w/ Geoff Tate: Sweet Oblivion

Melodic Heavy Metal

While you're checking out Geoff Tate and Operation: Mindcrime on their current Summer tour, be on the look out for his new project, Sweet Oblivion. It's essentially an ... [ Read More ]

Stargazery - Eye On The Sky Reissue 2019 Music Review

Stargazery: Eye On The Sky (Reissue)

Melodic Heavy Metal

In advance of their forthcoming third long player Constellation, Pure Steel will reissue Stargazery debut album, 2011's Eye On The Sky. The re-release on vinyl will ... [ Read More ]

Sandness - Untamed Music Review

Sandness: Untamed

Melodic Hard Rock

This is the review that may not have been written. My last experience with Sandness was a disappointing one. 2016's Higher & Higher was a train wreck wrapped ... [ Read More ]

Neal Morse - Jesus Christ The Exorcist Music Review

Neal Morse: Jesus Christ - The Exorcist

Melodic Progressive Rock

Some 50 years ago a controversial concept album, Jesus Christ Superstar hit the record stores. The rock opera slash musical made Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice ... [ Read More ]

Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix - Furyborn Music Review

Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix: Furyborn

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

Chilean vocalist Caterina Nix took the melodic metal world by storm with her beauty and voice when she appeared on Timo Tolkki's Angels Of The Apocalypse ... [ Read More ]

Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Return To Eden Music Review

Timo Tolkki's Avalon: Return To Eden

Melodic Symphonic Power Metal

After a five year hiatus, Finnish guitar legend Timo Tolkki drops the third album in his Avalon project, Return To Eden. If you recall Tolkki writes the songs, plays guitar ... [ Read More ]

Wheels Of Fire - Begin Again Music Review

Wheels Of Fire: Begin Again

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Missing in action, at least from the studio, for seven years is Italy's Wheels Of Fire. I suppose that's why its apropos to name their third long player Begin Again. It just ... [ Read More ]

Warrior Soul - Rock N Roll Disease Music Review

Warrior Soul: Rock N Roll Disease

Hard Rock

Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul return once again to stick it to the man and the world in general by means of a bony middle finger and a new album, Rock N Roll Disease ... [ Read More ]

The Rods - Brotherhood Of Metal Music Review

The Rods: Brotherhood Of Metal

Heavy Metal

It's a good day for heavy metal, for metal fans everywhere. Legendary American heavy metal band The Rods return with their second studio, Brotherhood Of Metal ... [ Read More ]

Majestica - Above The Sky Music Review

Majestica: Above The Sky

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Swedish guitarist Tommy Johansson (Sabaton) has reincarnated his old band Reinxeed. Sort of. He arrives with a new band name for his new project. Wishing a ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Read the Guild Of Ages - Rise music CD Album review

First, some history. American band Guild Of Ages began as Caught In The Act, rising during the tumultuous times of the American grunge movement, but they weren't a grunge band. Oops. Noticed by the ... [ Read More ]

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