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New Music Reviews
Signum Regis - Through The Storm EP CD Album Review

Signum Regis: Through The Storm EP

Power Metal

In advance of their forthcoming fourth full-length album, Slovakia's Signum Regis drops a six song EP, Through The Storm. They also arrive with a new singer in ... [ Read More ]

Dark Sarah - Behind The Black Veil CD Album Review

Dark Sarah: Behind The Black Veil

Symphonic/Heavy/Power Metal

Dark Sarah is the pseudonym and project of Heidi Parviainen, the former vocalist for Amberian Dawn. She delivers her first album Behind The Black Veil, and it's a ... [ Read More ]

Civil War - Gods And Generals CD Album Review

Civil War: Gods And Generals

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Civil War: a Swedish metal band styled after the American Civil War of 19th century. I'm not sure I get foreigner's fascination with one of the worst times in my country's ... [ Read More ]

Within Silence - Gallery Of Life CD Album Review

Within Silence: Gallery Of Life

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

What the heavy metal world needs is more European power metal bands. You know, like it needs one more symphonic heavy metal band with a female vocalist ... [ Read More ]

Colorway - The Black Sky Sequined CD Album Review

Colorway: The Black Sky Sequined

Indie AOR Melodic Rock

Colorway is the creation of the quite accomplished Boston guitarist and songwriter Alex Johnson, along with his rhythm section Dave Hayes on bass and ... [ Read More ]

Jace Pawlak - Persepctive CD Album Review

Jace Pawlak: Perspective

AOR Melodic Rock

Somewhat of a musical prodigy, Jace Pawlak has had some instrument in hand since the age of five. When took up the piano a teen, he began songwriting which ... [ Read More ]

Pat Travers - Retro Rocket CD Album Review

Pat Travers: Retro Rocket

Classic Melodic Hard Rock

Often unsung Canadian guitar legend Pat Travers returns with a new studio album, Retro Rocket. As for some history of Pat Travers and my listening experience ... [ Read More ]

Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path CD Album Review

Sirenia: The Seventh Life Path

Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal

There's an abundance of female-fronted symphonic metal bands. This we all know. You can line them up like so many dotless dominoes as the similarities abound ... [ Read More ]

Romeo Jones Detective - New Crime Fiction by Craig Hartranft
The Anagram Principle - Inventor CD Album Review

The Anagram Principle: Inventor

(Progressive) Electronic Rock

The Anagram Prinicple is the colaboration of two Pittsburgh musicians, Tedd Arnold and Bob Neft. Both men have skilled talent, and much experience in the larger ... [ Read More ]

Defyance - Reincarnation CD Album Review

Defyance: Reincarnation

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

The history of Defyance goes back better than 25 years, a bunch of Iowa youngsters forming a hard rock and heavy metal band back in 1989. Though having released ... [ Read More ]

Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods CD Album Review

Dead Earth Politics: Men Become Gods (EP)

Modern Heavy Metal

I'll admit it. I only took interest in Dead Earth Politics for three reason. I liked the name; it sounds awesome, but doesn't need to mean diddly-squat. It just rolls nicely ... [ Read More ]

The Kahless Clone - An Endless Loop CD Album Review

The Kahless Clone: An Endless Loop

Instrumental Rock/Metal

Let's start with some simple facts. The Kahless Clone, named from the Star Trek Klingon, is the side project of Novembers Doom guitaris Vito Marchese. The four songs ... [ Read More ]

Hammer King - Kingdom of the Hammer King CD Album Review

Hammer King: Kingdom of the Hammer King

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Power metal: it's the heavy metal genre that will not lay down and die anytime soon, despite it's ongoing and immense cloud of detractors. So check your Manowar, Blind ... [ Read More ]

Elderoth - Mystic CD Album Review

Elderoth: Mystic

Progressive Power Metal

The band Elderoth is essentially founder, guitarist, and composer Collin McGee who is some what of a musical prodigy having self-taught his skills. Mystic is his ... [ Read More ]

Left For Red - All Things Known and Buried CD Album Review

Left For Red: All Things Known and Buried

Modern Heavy Metal

Rumbling out of the UK Midlands, home of Sabbath, Priest, and Napalm Death, comes Left For Red with the first long-player, All Things Known and Buried, after two ... [ Read More ]

Kamelot - Haven CD Album Review

Kamelot: Haven

Progressive Power Metal

There have been few metal bands as constant and consistent as Kamelot. In existence for nearly 25 years, they have delivered eleven studio albums, the latest ... [ Read More ]

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There's an abundance of female-fronted symphonic metal bands. This we all know. You can line them up like so many dotless dominoes as the similarities abound. With one stroke of your hand ... [ Read More ]

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