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Click to read the Sage - Anno Domini 1573 music review

Only a mere five years old, Sage is an upstart metal band from Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea. Yet, while young, the band has quite the accomplishments already including filming a live performance for DVD ... [ Read More ]

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Sage - Anno Domini 1573 Music Review

Sage: Anno Domini 1573

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Only a mere five years old, Sage is an upstart metal band from Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea. Yet, while young, the band has quite the accomplishments already including ... [ Read More ]

Soulhealer - Up From The Ashes Music Review

Soulhealer: Up From The Ashes

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

I've followed Soulhealer's career with some interest from the beginning, reviewing all their albums to date. Yet, to my surprise, we haven't heard from the Finnish band ... [ Read More ]

Lioncage - Turn Back Time Music Review

Lioncage: Turn Back Time

AOR/Melodic Rock

So, Germany's Lioncage has been on a consistent roll since their formation in 2014. The trio of Thorsten Bertermann (vocals), Torsten Landsberger (drums), and ... [ Read More ]

Inner Axis - We Live By Steel Music Review

Inner Axis: We Live By Steel

Heavy/Power Metal

The last album edition of Germany's Inner Axis arrived with 2011's Into The Storm. Seven years is a long time in the music industry without a significant ... [ Read More ]

Weapon UK - Rising From The Ashes 2018 Vinyl Reissue Music Review

Weapon UK: Rising From The Ashes

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock (NWoBHM)

Beginning in 1980 (as Fast Relief), Weapon UK is one of those metal bands that arrived with the rising tide of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM), but mostly ... [ Read More ]

Black Paisley - Perennials Music Review

Black Paisley: Perennials

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Black Paisley made their auspicious debut in 2017 with the well-received Late Bloomer. The Swedish band found acclaim from reviewers and fans across the ... [ Read More ]

Treat - Tunguska Music Review

Treat: Tunguska

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

And now for something completely different, a completely unbiased and objective music review. Nope. It ain't happening. With no apologies, I'm a huge fan of ... [ Read More ]

Snakes In Paradise - Step Into The Light Music Review

Snakes In Paradise: Step Into The Light

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Once more another, rather obscure, classic rock band gets a second chance at life. Born in Sweden in the early Nineties, Snakes In Paradise garnered some acclaim ... [ Read More ]

The Unity - Rise Music Review

The Unity: Rise

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

On the strength of a well-received debut album and numerous festival appearances, the German-Italian collective The Unity found both favor and success among their ... [ Read More ]

Last Pharaoh - The Mantle Of Spiders Music Review

Last Pharaoh: The Mantle Of Spiders

Heavy Metal

Last Pharaoh may be a new band, but the members have a vast amount of musical experience. Most every player established his musical career at a very young age. For ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Time Last Year
Click to read the Space Vacation - Lost In The Black Divide music CD Album review

Bay Area band Space Vacation takes me back to the "golden era" of traditional heavy metal, where it all began. It was the glory days of tape trading, mimeograph fan-zines, and cut off denim jackets ... [ Read More ]

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