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Jono is the moniker for the band formed by Swedish songwriter and vocalist Johan Norrby after a successful solo album in 2006. The band includes many veteran musicians from the European theater, including ... [ Read More ]

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Aerodyne - Breaking Free CD Album Review

Aerodyne: Breaking Free

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Rising from the musical hotbed that's Gothenburg is Aerodyne. Formed less than two years ago in 2016, Aerodyne delivered a solid EP and an ambitious music video for ... [ Read More ]

Day Six - Solitary League CD Album Review

Day Six: Solitary League

Progressive Rock/Metal

I knew their name seemed familiar, Day Six, but we haven't from the band in seven years. In that time, the band has been in transition adding two new members: bass ... [ Read More ]

WildeStarr - Beyond The Rain CD Album Review

WildeStarr: Beyond The Rain

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from Houston, Wildestarr is the husband and wife team of bassist and guitarist Dave Starr and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist London Wilde. They're joined ... [ Read More ]

Stormhold - Salvation CD Album Review

Stormhold: Salvation

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Proudly flying the flag of traditional "keep it true" heavy metal is Sweden's Stormhold. On the strength of their first album, 2015's Battle of the Royal Halls, the band ... [ Read More ]

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs CD Album Review

Diablo Swing Orchestra: Pacifisticuffs

Avant Garde Rock/Metal

After several years of delay, Sweden's avant garde rock band Diablo Swing Orchestra makes their long awaited return with their new and fourth album, Pacifisticuffs ... [ Read More ]

Raintimes 2017 Self-titled Debut CD Album Review

Raintimes: Raintimes

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

Born out of a love for American AOR band The Storm, featuring Journey's Gregg Rolie, Steve Valory, and Steve Smith, drummer Pierpaolo Monti (Charming Grace ... [ Read More ]

Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies CD Album Review

Pretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies

Melodic Glam/Sleaze Hard Rock

While my recollection of the multitude of glam hair bands in the late Eighties can be a bit fuzzy, I do recall Hollywood's Pretty Boy Floyd for several reasons. One was simply ... [ Read More ]

Jono - Life CD Album Review

Jono: Life

Melodic Symphonic Hard Rock

Jono is the moniker for the band formed by Swedish songwriter and vocalist Johan Norrby after a successful solo album in 2006. The band includes many veteran ... [ Read More ]

Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash CD Album Review

Warrior Soul: Back On The Lash

Hard Rock

If Classic Rock magazine and Lars Ulrich are to be believed, Warrior Soul founder and vocalist Kory Clarke is a legendary front man and a bona fide, if not underrated ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Time Last Year
Click to read the Hevidence - Nobody's Fault CD Album review

Possibly best known as one of the founding members of DGM, guitarist Diego Reali left Italian progressive power metal band in 2005 to pursue other musical interests. He dabbled with blues, country, and ... [ Read More ]

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