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Click to read the Gloryful - Cult Of Sedna music review

Flying the flag of "keep it true" heavy metal, German style, is Gloryful returning with their fourth album, Cult Of Sedna. Still with national label Massacre Records, the new album features the bands most stable ... [ Read More ]

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Gin Annie - 100% Proof Music Review

Gin Annie: 100% Proof

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

From the West Midlands of England, commonly known as the Black Country, comes Gin Annie, a five piece hard and heavy rock band. Formed in 2013 by cousins Dave ... [ Read More ]

Evergrey - The Atlantic Music Review

Evergrey: The Atlantic

Dark Progressive Metal

One of Sweden's most iconic metal bands, Evergrey returns to finish their Hymns For The Broken trilogy with The Atlantic, their eleventh album. The album ... [ Read More ]

Powergame - Masquerade Music Review

Powergame: Masquerade

Traditional Heavy Metal

Formed by guitarist and vocalist Matthias Weiner in 2012, Powergame flys the flag of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal in the best German tradition. The ... [ Read More ]

Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere Music Review

Inglorious: Ride To Nowhere

Melodic Hard Rock

With little doubt, England's Inglorious is riding the wave of their own success. 2017's II was a chart buster for the band, reaching number one on UK rock charts. Now the band ... [ Read More ]

Jetboy - Born To Fly Music Review

Jetboy: Born To Fly

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Back in the Eighties, the rock scene from coast to coast was swollen with bands trying to get your musical attention. If the band was lucky they got a recording ... [ Read More ]

Kane Roberts - The New Normal Music Review

Kane Roberts: The New Normal

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

For some nostalgia, open another browser tab and Google "kane roberts images," just for fun. And there you go. Do you remember Alice Cooper's Rambo guitarist ... [ Read More ]

Stefano Viana - Forever Free Music Review

Viana: Forever Free

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

All but two years from his eponymous debut, Italian guitarist and composer Stefano Viana returns with his sophomore effort, Forever Free. The talented guitar slinger ... [ Read More ]

Altitudes + Attitude - Get It Out Music Review

Altitudes + Attitude: Get It Out

Melodic Heavy Rock

New American heavy rock band Altitudes + Attitude was formed by two obscure bass players Frank Bello and David Ellefson. Just kidding. We all know these two ... [ Read More ]

Bloody Times - On A Mission Music Review

Bloody Times: On A Mission

Traditional Heavy Metal

Started as side solo project by bass player Simon Pfundstein, Bloody Times has evolved into a German metal act that features significant guest musicians. The ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
This Week, Last Year
Click to read the Miskatonic Union - Astral Quest music CD Album review

The lyrical content of heavy metal comes from a pantheon of typical sources, like science fiction, mythology, historical events, and fantasy. So it's no surprise that the two guitarists that formed Chile's ... [ Read More ]

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