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Gottfried, B D: The Warden's Picnic
B D Gottfried The Warden's Picnic new music review

Gottfried, B D: The Warden's Picnic

Alternative/Prog/Melodic Rock

Canadian artist BD Gottfried by definition does things his way, creating works of eclectic and modern alternative rock. This has been the case since 2004's Disrythmia and remains with his fifth disc The Warden's Picnic. The blessing of the independent artist is his ability to explore his musical creativity with passion and intrigue. His curse is that he will find only passing interest or success in the real world of fickle musical taste. But, in the end, the independent artist is just that, and doesn't give a damn. I don't think Gottfried really cares for acknowledgement or commercial recognition.

Following this spirit of freedom, The Warden's Picnic follows this theme, though rather suspiciously, in the lyrical content. However the music does not. Call it clever, intriguing, inventive, or simple and unmitigated musical navel gazing, the tunes are far from mainstream, nearly in another frontier. Mixing eclectic elements from prog to blues to electronica to simple rock, The Warden's Picnic meanders through Gottfried's vivid imagination like a butterfly in your backyard on a warm August afternoon. The title cut is both intriguing and confounding. Future for Sale or New Fifty Two have a smoky punk feel with Gottfried sounding something like David Byrne mixed with John Palumbo. (Generally, however, I did not find Gottfried's overall vocal style appealing.) Sideways and A Beautiful Life are pure soulful melancholy, but rather dreary at that. The closest thing to friendly accessibility is Contradiction or Taken it Back.

Fundamentally, listening to BD Gottfried, for the first time or not, is like listening to Tonio K's Life in the Food Chain or Amerika. However, while the latter was eclectic as well, you caught on quite quickly. With The Warden's Picnic and Gottfried, this might take a spin or three, but you will be rewarded. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Call it clever, intriguing, inventive, or simple and unmitigated musical navel gazing, the tunes on The Warden's Picnic are far from mainstream, nearly in another frontier.

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