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Trixter: New Audio Machine
Trixter - New Audio Machine Review

Trixter: New Audio Machine

Melodic Hard Rock

Second chances can be the best chances. Trixter was a relatively obscure glam rock band from New Jersey appearing on the scene in the early Nineties. Despite talent and effort, the band, like many others, got crushed by emerging trends, read: grunge. Frankly, I barely remember them, except for the artwork on their first album.

Trixter Band Photo

Trixter: cranked up and pointing.

So here we are 20 years later, and Trixter has not so much evolved but matured. Here's some kickass melodic hard rock, with a bit of blues and some shuffle. I like this album. Actually, of three releases from Frontiers Records this month, this may be the best.

The whole album rocks. Great guitar work. Great vocal arrangements: attached to the lead are gang vocals, but very harmonious. It all sounds so rich and deep. All this makes me think I need to visit my local record store and find that first album with the great comic book artwork. Best rockers: Drag Me Down and Get It Own. Best AOR anthems: Live For The Day and Walk With a Stranger. Fun tracks: Ride and Tattoos & Misery. Goofiest and most cliche: Save Your Soul. (Rock un roll will save your soul. Okay then.)

Trixter's resurrection is New Audio Machine, a fine album of classic melodic hard rock. This should convince the naysayers and those who passed over the band back in the day (that would be me), that they have immense talent, and the ability to write some very catchy tunes. Very recommended.

In Short

Trixter's resurrection is New Audio Machine, a fine album of classic melodic hard rock.

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