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Geminy: The Prophecy
Geminy The Prophecy Review

Geminy: The Prophecy

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Forming in 2006, and after two well-received demos, Italy's Geminy launches their debut disc, The Prophecy upon the world. When it comes to heavy metal, for some, Italy is synonymous with melodic power metal, usually epic and bombastic. You get some of that with Geminy.

Geminy The Prophecy Band Photo

Geminy:: sunglasses for only one member.

The Prophecy is intended to be a concept album based in a fantasy world, nothing new to power metal. However, there was little information supplied in the promo materials or via a lyric sheet to explain the story. Instead we can speak to the music. Fundamentally, The Prophecy is melodic heavy metal of the power metal variety; it strays neither from its Eighties foundation nor European character.

There is, however, a small thread of progressive metal within the album. Notably, you'll hear this on Evil Eye and the four-part title track. Combine this worthy element with the strength of Geminy's basic power metal and its a strong presentation. Now add some solid melodic arrangements, blistering guitar work, Francesco Filippone's clear and enthusiasitc vocals, and some very well-placed piano, and Geminy bumps up their game another notch.

While some might dismiss The Prophecy as typical Euro power metal, and therefore passe, they would be missing out on some good sounds and some rising talent. The only downside here is the inclusion of some dirty vocals as accent on several songs. They probably have something to do with the story. But since we lack thorough knowledge of that story, they're largely a nuisance. Nevertheless, Geminy's The Prophecy is easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With The Prophecy, Italy's Geminy jumps into the European melodic heavy/power metal fray with a solid and entertaining debut album worthy of their peers.

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