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Helker: Somewhere In The Circle
Helker Somewhere In The Circle Album Review

Helker: Somewhere In The Circle

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

If you believe the metal spirits of the dead can channel themselves, you should check out Argentinean band Helker and their vocalist Diego Valdez. The spirit of beloved metal singer Ronnie James Dio is alive and well in Helker's Somewhere In The Circle. Alternatively, a friend of my mind insists that any new traditional metal wants their vocalist to sound like one of three people: Dio, of course, but also Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford. It's hard not to disagree.

Helker:: No Chance To Be Reborn (official).

It's also not easy to dismiss Helker's obvious references to the legendary singer and his band. In many ways, Helker sounds like Dio in their prime, maybe a bit heavier, but the similarities are uncanny. Both Wake Up and Just Be Yourself (I can hear Ronnie James both writing and singing) are spooky reincarnations of the seminal band.

Despite the resemblance, Helker is, fundamentally, a melodic heavy power metal band in the best classic tradition, and a very good one at that. Valdez has a power voice with good range. The songs are loaded with big riffs, strong melodies, essential heaviness from a driving rhythm section, and ripping guitar solos. Songs like Inside of Me, No Chance to Reborn or Still Alive bring all these things in a pitch perfect heavy metal wrapper. Then Flying visits the more epic metal ballad or perhaps better, anthem, and there's strong Dio feel to boot. My copy of Somewhere In The Circle also offers a bonus track plus two videos. It also comes in a Spanish language version, which is how all previous albums were recorded. Easily recommended to fans of quality classic heavy/power metal. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Helker is a powerful melodic heavy/power metal band in the best tradition, with a strong echo of the great Ronnie James Dio and his great band.

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