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BanDemonic: Fires of Redemption
BanDemonic - Fires of Redemption CD Album Review

BanDemonic: Fires of Redemption

(Traditional) Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from northwest Greece, BanDemonic (Band + Demonic, clever) arrives with their debut long player, Fires of Redemption, which includes at least one song, The Seeker, from a previous EP Chains.

BanDemonic Fires of Redemption Photo


So what can be said about BanDemonic? Cutting to the chase is probably best. The band plays NWoBHM-stylized heavy/power metal, and perhaps that's all you need to know. However, the album is marked by some interesting characteristics. First and foremost, the riffs rule most every song. From the start they're heavy, sharp and bracing, with some moderation in the middle of the album. At times they're so strong, as with Torment, Inner Battle, or Disingenous, they overwhelm most every other instrument. By another example, in the latter third of The Seeker, there's a massive solo. But it riffs basically kick it's ass, essentially overwhelming it and drowning it out. Sad.

Then, secondly, when the riffage is paired with George Manthos' sometimes shrill vocals, the combination can sound abrasive rather than melodic. Occasionaly, Manthos' attempts to go into Sean Peak screamo mode with adverse results. The better songs are those with the opposite characteristics like Martyer, The Awakening, and somewhat in Burn The Witch. Within these songs the band allows the inherent melody to sieze the song and the riffs are tempered. I'm wondering if this uneven balance has something do with the guitarists holding sway over recording or the band being involved in production. Even with these comments, BanDemonic definitely know their chosen metal genre and will likely advance with greater success in the years to come.

BanDemonic - The Seeker - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Large own sharp, nearly oppressive riffage, BanDemonic delivers traditional NWoBHM-stylized heavy and power metal.

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