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Celestial Decay: Quantum X
Celestial Decay Quantum X CD Album Review

Celestial Decay: Quantum X

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Celestial Decay is Swedish metal band with two principal players, Hobbe Houshmand and Freddy Olofsson, both composing and playing guitar to develop their second album, Quantum X, along with guest musicians. Their metal style is rather straight forward, being melodic and symphonic heavy/power metal, a genre which is a staple the Scandi metal scene. From the lyrics you might deduce that this is a concept album, something to do with the destruction of planet Earth.

Celestial Decay Quantum X Band Photo

Celestial Decay: the principal players.

One thing that immediately stands out about Quantum X is the strength of the song composition. While this is typical European symphonic power metal, Celestial Decay builds upon its best attributes beginning with a sweeping orchestral canvas, and then layering strong melodies in vocal arrangements and guitar structure and leads, which is then bolstered by a sturdy rhythm section. You definitely get the sense that Houshmand and Olofsson put some significan time and thought into the development of the song arrangements.

A second thing you'll discover is that, with a few exceptions, every song is a platform for their guitar chops. Houshmand and Olofsson share duties and often in the same song, and with epic anthem, Final Symphony, several times. It's some strong classic metal guitar and will likely keep guitar solo wonks slobbering over every line, especially for the huge ones in the second half of Power of Will or Goodbye Forever. However, for that latter one, like the drumming underneath, it seem rather unfocused as if it was either made up in the moment or missing some notes. But the gonzo moments are definitely in the aforementioned Final Symphony where Houshmand and Olofsson go nuts ripping off some sweet soaring lines. For all the guitar driven symphonic power metal here you sure get a lot of it. Quantum X is long album, over 80 minutes in length, so either settle in or digest it in chunks. Finally, Celestial Decay does a cover of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, giving it a symphonic metal spin. It's alright, but I wasn't terribly impressed. But the boys do wail on those guitars.

Celestial Decay - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With Quantum X, Celestial Decay gives you better than 80 minutes of melodic and symphonic power metal driven by their flashy guitar leads.

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