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Rocket Scientists: Supernatural Highways (EP)
Rocket Scientists Supernatural Highways CD Album Review

Rocket Scientists: Supernatural Highways (EP)

Melodic/Progressive Rock

It's been better than seven years since Rocket Scientists put forth a new studio recording. Principals Erik Norlander (k), Mark McCrite (g), and Don Schiff (NS/Sticks) return with Supernatural Highways, a 30 minute fully instrumental EP consisting of two songs: the seven part suite Traveler on the Supernatural Highways and a cover of On Her Majesty's Secret Service from James Bond film of the same name.

Rocket Scientists Supernatural Highways Band Photo

Rocket Scientists: in the laboratory.

According to his producer's notes, Norlander developed the original composition around his keyboards on a relatively small instrumental theme. McCrite and Schiff came on board later adding their respective contributions, and the small theme ballooned into the seven part Traveler on the Supernatural Highways. However, when listening, and even with McCrite and Schiff's input, this piece is clearly a synthesizer progressive rock, revolving around Norlander. To be fair, the second strongest element is the Sticks of Schiff. You don't really sense a presence of McCrite until about 16 minutes in where he duels with Norlander. Yet, overall, this typical and strong, Rocket Scientist fare.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service addition comes from McCrite who was introduced to this iconic music by his father, before he was even old enough to see the movie. The trio does the John Barry composition justice, making it lively and fresh in an interpretation that strays little from the original theme (though Norlander's keyboards likely add something different to the orchestral parts heard on the original). They even brought in trumpet and trombone for the song's classic brass line. It's a seriously terrific cover of the song. If you missed the Rocket Scientists, then Supernatural Highways should be a quick addition to your library (if only for the James Bond song). Recommended.

Rocket Scientists - Traveler on the Supernatural Highways - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

If you missed the Rocket Scientists, then Supernatural Highways should be a quick addition to your library (if only for the James Bond song).

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