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Ela: Second Reality
Ela Second Reality CD Album Review

Ela: Second Reality

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

This is my first listen to German heavy metal band Ela, the namesake of the vocalist and songwriter Ela, who was apparently born without a last name. She's been engaged in the German music scene since 2004 as a solo artist, but also as a vocalist in several other band incarnations. Recording and performing as the band Ela, Second Reality is her fourth studio album.

Ela Band Photo


It's clear from the start that Ela and her band of brothers are pursuing a melodic, hard and heavy, power metal style. There's an abundance of brisk and heavy riffage from the guitar parts. Curiously, when it comes to the guitar lines the solos can be slight and subtle. At first, after a few songs, I didn't think there were any solos at all. But they do appear. But you really have to listen for them in each song. As for the rhythm section, bass and drums provide groove and speed, yet wrapped in sturdy heaviness. As a vocalist, Ela has a strong voice and presence. Unlike much of female-fronted metal bands, she doesn't have that ear piercing operatic style. Rather she's more hard rock and heavy metal in her delivery.

These elements basically inform every song, creating hard and heavy tunes with little variation to the formula. But you will notice a slight piano start to Lizzy Borden's Rhyme or a brief symphonic start to Witch Of Salem and Revenge. The beginning of Deadly Sins has a little of both. Then the ballad Black Roses is mostly Ela over a piano, with some later symphonic embellishment. But mostly every song eventually bleeds into the riffs and rhythm section with Ela's voice carrying the melody.

All this is said to say that, for the most part, Ela and Second Reality never really connected with me. Not a single song hooked me and drew me in. Instead, I found the album rather repetitious and monotonous. Nevertheless, for melodic, hard and heavy, metal, Second Reality and Ela is adequate and deserves some investigation. You may hear things differently. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

For the most part, Ela and Second Reality never really connected with me. Not a single song hooked me and drew me in. Nevertheless, for melodic hard and heavy metal, the band and album deserves some investigation.

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