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Primitai: The Calling
Primitai - The Calling Music Review

Primitai: The Calling

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

While London's Primitai have been wandering about the heavy metal underground since 2003, this is the first I've heard of them. They have four albums to their credit and have shared stages with metal peers such as Saxon, Edguy, Hell, Sodom, and Powerquest. Now the band returns with The Calling, lately signed to England's Dissonance Productions.

Primitai Band Photo


Essentially, Primitai offer a modern version of the classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) genre. Primitai works the fundamental with creativity and skill: twin guitar harmony in riffs and solos (mucho solos), gallop and groove in the rhythm section, and assertive, yet melodic and clean, lead vocals. While their sound can be fast and forceful, all the tunes are wrapped in abundance of harmony and melody, mostly through the guitar lines and vocal arrangement.

Of the songs, most develop from brisk and thick twin guitar riffage, get powered by a strong bass and drum groove, and then lead to some terrific twin lead guitar solos. Here's some songs of interest. Memories Lost begins with a lighter electric guitar start paired with a big drum beat, then leading to some steady heavy metal. Shortly after the midpoint, there's a breakdown with the same guitar and drum rhythm which leads into a fierce guitar solo. No Survivor picks up the pace turning more upon a power metal groove, yet with moments of moderation. The song also has middle breakdown, again lighter guitar mixed with the bass and drums. Eventually riffs rise, and the guitar solos fly. Overdrive, another favorite, swells with twin guitar lines, moves with some rock groove, and has a catchy refrain. With Into The Light, Primitai offers something of symphonic start, before blasting into an ass-kicking power metal number. The groove of the closing title track is rather infectious, yet also turns upon some lighter segues that accent the vocals. Also, after the midpoint, in a quick breakdown the bass rises and continues to be heard as the guitar solo lights up the song.

All and all, and simply said, Primitai's The Calling is premium melodic heavy power metal, pure British steel. Don't miss it. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

All and all, and simply said, Primitai's The Calling is premium melodic heavy power metal, pure British steel. Don't miss it. Easily recommended.

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