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Dynazty: The Dark Delight
Dynazty - The Dark Delight Art Work

Dynazty: The Dark Delight

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

Formed in 2008, and with a consistent lineup since 2013, Sweden's Dynazty has been dropping long-players about every two years. There's much to be said for consistency, especially consistency in your musical style. Now the band returns with their seventh studio album, The Dark Delight, still remaining with AFM records.

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As for that musical consistency, with The Dark Delight, Dynazty delivers another album of their signature melodic heavy metal rock, perhaps with a few songs driven by power metal speed. Otherwise, expect a twin guitar barrage of riff harmony and soaring solos, rock gallop and groove from the rhythm section, strong vocal harmony and song melody, catchy refrains, and synths for lush embellishment. The final conclusion is songs which are hard, heavy, and bombastic, yet wrapped in fine melody, harmony, and groove for positive AOR accessibility.

Speaking to a few songs, for some heavy, bombastic, and raging, in the sense of quickness, listen for Paradise Architect, The Black, Waterfall, and The Man And The Elements, with its sharp guitar start and lingering guitar line throughout. Alternatively, for both Hologram and Heartless Madness, piano over riffs and drums lead the song, before tearing into melodic metal rock. You'll find that more apparent synth presence within From Sound To Silence, Threading The Needle, and Apex, but the result is still, again, heavy metal rock. Curiously, and somewhat disturbing, both From Sound To Silence and Apex find Dynazty flirting with dirty vocals. Really? That's disappointing. Nevertheless, for some fine Scandi melodic heavy metal rock, Dynazty and The Dark Element delivers the goods. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

Except for the futility of flirting with some dirty vocals, for some fine Scandi melodic heavy metal rock, Dynazty and The Dark Element delivers the goods. Recommended.

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