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Warrior Soul: Back On The Lash
Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash CD Album Review

Warrior Soul: Back On The Lash

Hard Rock

If Classic Rock magazine and Lars Ulrich are to be believed, Warrior Soul founder and vocalist Kory Clarke is a legendary front man and a bona fide, if not underrated, rock star of our generation. Clarke and his band rose to fame in the early Nineties with a series of successful albums that featured their punk-infused hard rock and Clarke's party hard, fuck the world, anarchist attitude and lyrics. In other words, the guy was, and still is, a rock star, a rebellious one as they should be.

Warrior Soul Band Photo

Warrior Soul

Clarke and Warrior Soul return with a new recording, Back On The Lash, which may need something of an explanation for those not familiar with British slang. To be "on the lash" basically means to go out on the town, get wasted, by whatever particular liquid vice you desire, get pissed, and then take no shit from anybody. How is this new for Kory Clarke? It's not. He's as ornery and pissed as ever and ready to party and kick ass. So, being Back On The Lash, Clarke gives you nine songs at 32 minutes of dangerously catchy punk hard rock filled with subversive and lively references to sex, drugs, rock n roll, and our shallow politics and culture. You only need the song titles to give you a reasonable clue: I Get Fucked Up, Back On The Lash, Thrill Seeker, I Got The Rock, and That's How We Roll, a great catchy song by the way. Clarke sings a bit coarse and gruff, so it's sometimes hard to catch his spicy and debaucherous lyrics (if you really want to). But the album rocks just the same. So welcome back Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul: get drunk, get pissed, and get Back On The Lash, and have some fun*. Recommended.

*If you do so, I take no responsibility if you act like an asshole and get your ass kicked for being one. Grin.

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The Bottom Line

Welcome back Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul: get drunk, get pissed, and get Back On The Lash, and have some fun. Recommended.

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