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Read the New Horizon: Gate Of The Gods Album Review

With origins in AOR melodic hard rock band H.E.A.T., vocalist Erik Gronwall and songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jona Tee have partnered to create New Horizon, a new melodic power metal band ... [ Read More ]

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Emissary - The Wretched Masquerade Album Review

Emissary: The Wretched Masquerade

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Once more we journey into the depths of heavy metal obscurity to revisit another band: Emissary from Oregon in the northwest United States. But the roots of the ... [ Read More ]

Michael Schenker Group - Universal Album Review

Michael Schenker Group: Universal

Melodic Hard Rock

As David Letterman might say on this new interview program, "This next musician requires no introduction ..." Indeed, to fans of melodic hard rock and metal of ... [ Read More ]

Shameless - So Good You Should Album Review

Shameless: So Good You Should

Melodic Hard Rock

From Munich, Shameless is the creation of bass player Alexx Michael wherein he collaborates, mostly, with guitarist BC for songwriting. Since forming in 1998 ... [ Read More ]

James LaBrie - Beautiful Shade Of Grey Album Review

James LaBrie: Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Melodic (Progressive) Rock

Unless you've been living sequestered in a monastery, we all know James Labrie: the long-serving voice and vocalist of progressive metal act Dream Theater ... [ Read More ]

Skills - Different Worlds Album Review

Skills: Different Worlds

Melodic Hard Rock

Skills is an apropos handle for this new band. The band presents some considerable talent from the worlds of hard rock, heavy metal, AOR, and genres where all ... [ Read More ]

Graham Bonnet Band - Day Out In Nowhere Album Review

Graham Bonnet Band: Day Out In Nowhere

Melodic Heavy Rock

Now a septuagenarian and still the snappy dresser, iconic vocalist Graham Bonnet returns with his third studio album under the moniker, Graham Bonnet Band ... [ Read More ]

Zero Hour - Agenda 21 Album Review

Zero Hour: Agenda 21

(Modern) Progressive Metal

If the band Zero Hour seems to have you scratching your memory for some recognition, I can hardly blame you. We haven't had a studio album from the ... [ Read More ]

Anvil - Impact Is Imminent Album Review

Anvil: Impact Is Imminent

Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Anvil is Anvil. Anvil is Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Steiner. Has been since 1981. Yup. That's better than 40 years. Both founders are pushing their late Sixties ... [ Read More ]

The Big Deal - First Bite Album Review

The Big Deal: First Bite

FFV Melodic Metal Rock

The Big Deal may be the one of few (of many) new bands to actually live up to their name. Coming from Serbia, the band was created by the husband and wife duo ... [ Read More ]

Jeff Scott Soto - Complicated Album Review

Jeff Scott Soto: Complicated

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Always busy, legendary vocalist Jeff Scott Soto is back with another solo, Complicated. Since his last studio album, Wide Awake, the artist has worked with W.E.T. ... [ Read More ]

Pure Reason Revolution - Above Cirrus Album Review

Pure Reason Revolution: Above Cirrus

Alternative/Progressive Rock/Metal

After a ten year absence, founding members Chloe Alper (vocals, bass guitars, keyboard) and Jon Courtney (vocals, guitars, keyboards) returned to their ... [ Read More ]

Jani Liimatainen - My Father's Son Album Review

Jani Liimatainen: My Father's Son

Melodic Heavy/Progressive Metal

From one guitarist to the next. This week we've seen the release of former Tad Morose guitarist Kenneth Jonnson's new project, Starchaser. In the same week we ... [ Read More ]

Starchaser - 2022 Debut Album Review

Starchaser: Starchaser

Heavy Power Metal

Many times in a band context we don't recall the individual players. Perhaps the vocalist, who always seems to be in the middle and front of a band photo ... [ Read More ]

Black Eye - 2022 Debut Album Review

Black Eye: Black Eye

Melodic Power Metal

The new metal project Black Eye features one of the most prominent vocalists in the genres of hard rock and heavy metal: David Readman. Readman is known for his ... [ Read More ]

Crashdiet - Automaton Album Review

Crashdiet: Automaton

Melodic Metal Rock

The last we heard from Sweden's Crashdiet was 2019's Rust, dropped a season before the COVID pandemic put the music world on standby. But that release in itself was ... [ Read More ]

Kaipa - Urskog Album Review

Kaipa: Urskog

Melodic Progressive Rock

2022 has been an eventful year for the world of melodic progressive rock music. Already we've had several fantastic albums presented to us: Jonas Lindberg: ... [ Read More ]

John Elefante - The Amazing Grace Album Review

John Elefante: The Amazing Grace

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

For most genre fans John Elefante needs no introduction. But for the youngsters out there ... Vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer John Elefante ... [ Read More ] - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft
From The Archives
Read the Lunar Shadow: Wish To Leave Album Review

Almost two years from the quite successful The Smokeless Fires, Lunar Shadow returns with their third long player, Wish To Leave. Created and guided by guitar savant Max Birbaum, the album finds ... [ Read More ]

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