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Cause For Revelation: Resurrecting The Hostility
Cause For Revelation Resurrecting The Hostility new music review

Cause For Revelation: Resurrecting ...

Metallized Hardcore

Cause For Revelation are like an obnoxious fart in a crowded room; loud, aggressive, and totally no-nonsense. Very much like a fart, they won't find many friends either. In fact, very much like a fart, a few listens of this debut from the trio will inspire many a painful grimace. Sad to say, but there's little on this hardcore album worth coming back to. Especially when the band's closest comparison is Hatebreed.

This baggy shorts and hoodies unit (the obligatory hardcore uniform together with a goatee) gets the party started with an intro that falls flat on its face due to pure lameness. Having listened to Resurrecting The Hostility a number of times since receiving the promo, this writer can remember zip about the intro. That's right, nada. In a word, forgettable. Not so the opening salvo Nothing To Gain that bears all the hallmarks of its genre. You've got thick crunching riffs, simplistic drum beats and a vocal style that utilizes hollers. A funny thing about the first song is the lyrics, which stick to the same self-empowering beat-the-odds nonsense that's the default set of lyrics of every hardcore band with aspirations to be even half as successful as Hatebreed. While they are inspiring on occasion, constantly harping about your determination to succeed is too egocentric. We know you'll make it, dude. Now go write something that will really grab our attention.

Call them unimaginative (all right, so they're unimaginative) or puritanical connoisseurs of the hardcore form, but every single boring cliche can be heard on this album, from slow thunking bass lines, obscene grunts and mighty choruses that will have the ninja emo kids in the circle pit going Ultimate Fighting Championship in no time. No doubt Cause For Revelation studied the textbook on hardcore because there's not a single track on Resurrecting The Hostility that diverges from the hardcore aesthete. After a string of lackluster tracks, the ever-angry singer Kevin Forsythe plus his rhythm section bow out with an outro that actually sounds better than the beginning of the album. Final verdict? Go tell your friends to buy this for a few laughs. Maybe you should even attend a Cause For Revelation gig sometime and join in the pit where the ninja's are twirling around that shirtless bald guy (isn't there always one?) pumping his fist in the air. Yeah, you've seen/heard/experience all this before. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Call them unimaginative (all right, so they're unimaginative) or puritanical connoisseurs of the hardcore form, but every single boring cliche can be heard on Resurrecting The Hostility.

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