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Pertness: Frozen Time
Pertness - Frozen Time Review

Pertness: Frozen Time

Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Here's another odd name for a metal band, Pertness. By definition, according to Webster, at it's root as an adjective, 'pert' can have several meanings including: flippantly cocky and assured; being trim and chic, or jaunty, i.e., a pert little hat; or, piquantly stimulating. More basically it can mean lively or vivacious. How did this Swiss band fall upon this appellation for their band?

Pertness Band Photo

Pertness: indeed.

Oddly, I suppose some of these words could apply to Pertness and their second album, Frozen Time, but that would be stretching metaphor and credulity. Pertness has some other curious oddities about them. They're at their core a melodic power metal, but also engage thrash metal and some folk nuances. (No More Messiah and The Star of the County Down, by example).

More curious is Tom Schluchter's strong vocal style. By strong, I don't mean necessarily good or sufficient. He's gruff, at his melodic best and an acquired taste. But he also borders somewhere between hardcore and death growls. You get this Cold Wind of Death and The Last Survival, among others. It's likely the strength of the band and the album is the music: basically this is quite heavy, but also melodic, power thrash metal. Combined with the vocals, Frozen Time might appeal to a more modern metal audience who seem to favor more harsh vocals these days. Conversely, I like my vocals more melodic. Best tracks, for the metal, at least: No More Messiah, Lost In Time, The Eye of the Storm, and The Star of the County Down. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

It's likely the strength of the Pertness and Frozen Time, against the death-like vocals, is the music: basically this is quite heavy, but also melodic, power thrash metal.

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