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Astralium: Land Of Eternal Dreams
Astralium - Land Of Eternal Dreams Music Review

Astralium: Land Of Eternal Dreams

Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal

Where else but Italy would another symphonic metal band rise from. Yup. Italian female-fronted symphonic power band Astralium was formed by soprano Roberta Pappalardo and the bass player Giuseppe Pappalardo in 2014. The band quickly hit the Italian metal festival circuit, finding favor with fans. Beginning in 2017, Astralium went to work on their first studio album. Land Of Eternal Dreams arrives with a bevy of guest musicians including Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Majestica), Jo Lombardo (Ancestral, ex-Metatrone), Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis), Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno (Metatrone, NefeshCore), Adam Cook (A Hill To Die Upon) and many more.

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Cutting to the chase, and as said earlier, Astralium plays melodic and symphonic power metal. Think Rhapsody Of Fire only with a female voice at the microphone. Everything else about Astralium's music is typical of the genre. Expect the expected including galloping power metal speed with a modicum of mixed pacing, soaring vocals and choral vocal arrangements, big riffs and generous, yet not all that abundant, guitar solos and, of course, all these things wrapped in bombastic orchestal compositions. And so, there is no new thing under the sun or in this particular genre.

But not to be blatantly dismissive, Asralium is very good at creating epic and lavish symphonic power metal. While typical of the genre, the songs within Land Of Eternal Dreams are rather impressive and entertaining. Additionally, Ms Pappalardo is an exceptional vocalist with her voice ranging from soothing to soaring. I'm not a fan of the highly operatic vocal style (like Tarja Turunen), but I found Pappalardo to be pleasing and enjoyable. She was quite impressive within My Life Is My Eternity, Hope Is Gone (both with a male duet), and Breath Of My Soul, perhaps my favorite song here. Otherwise, straight symphonic power metal with some solid rock groove come with The Journey, A Dream's Legacy, and Rising Waves From The Ocean. All in all, if you dig female-fronted symphonic power metal, you will enjoy Astralium's lavish and entertaining debut album, Land Of Eternal Dreams. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

If you dig female-fronted symphonic power metal, you will enjoy Astralium's lavish and entertaining debut album, Land Of Eternal Dreams. Recommended.

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