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Bai Bang: Best Of Four
Bai Bang - Best Of Four Music Review

Bai Bang: Best Of Four

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

While I largely pass on "best of" albums, when I heard Sweden's Bai Bang was dropping one this month, I took notice simply because I haven't heard from them since 2009's Are You Ready. Since then the band has released three more studio albums to the acclaim of their fans. Now Bai Bang picks the best from those four litters for the best of album, Best Of Four. If you know your Bai Bang history, in 2005 the band did the same thing for their first four albums.

Bai Bang - Click For Larger Image

Bai Bang

There are many ways to consider a greatest hits albums. In one sense, it can be a gift to the fans. They get many of their favorite songs in one place creating, basically, a fine road trip play list. Crank it up and go. On the other hand, a best of album can be a excellent introduction to a band for the uninitiated, and such is the case. Best Of Four is both adequate and appropriate for both situations.

For somebody like myself, this greatest hits collection is more for "catching up" with the band. And once more, I find Bai Bang delivering their version of AOR melodic hard rock with a slice of sleaze. I've always thought of them as cross between Sweden's Treat and LA's Eighties Sunset Strip. Mostly, Bai Bang offers some very catchy arena rock anthems where you can equally sing along or bang your head. You certainly get this with Rock It, Livin' My Dream, Raise Your Hands, and the quite vibrant, Everybody Everywhere. (For some strange reason that song reminds me of the Drive Shaft song You All Everybody from the television show LOST.) Other notable hits include the fast paced Stop Messin' Around and the cow bell cranker, I Love The Things You Hate. And what is a best of album without a ballad, Only The Best Die Young. In the end, Best Of Four delivers as promised, all the best Bai Bang tunes from their past four albums in one neat package. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Best Of Four delivers as promised, all the best Bai Bang tunes from their past four albums in one neat package. Recommended.

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