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Soto: Origami
Soto - Origami Music Review

Soto: Origami

Heavy Metal Rock

Versatile vocalist Jeff Scott Soto's musical expressions can take many forms. You'll find him appearing as a solo artist under his own moniker. Or collaborating with other musicians in Sons Of Apollo, W.E.T. and, of course, his stint with Journey. Then there's Soto (or SOTO if you please), not so much a collaboration but a true band, under his surname only, where the vocalist gets hard and heavy. The latest SOTO expression is Origami, the band's third album.

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Jeff Scott Soto and Band

Characteristically, in this context, the SOTO sound has a more assertive approach and feeling for their heavy metal rock. The riffs are aggressive, sharp, and heavy, yet without compromising the melody, harmony, and rhythm of any song. I would even propose, in this sense, that Origami is a true guitar centered album. This is especially so when you add in the guitar solos, which are also adventurous and blazing. Then there's the plain heavy intensity of the rhythm section, where bass and drums line power a groove that melds together both a rock and funk beat. The latter a Jeff Scott Soto signature move. Also, in this context, Soto himself is naturally more assertive in his vocal presence.

As for the songs, from the gate all things congeal for fast and heavy songs favoring Soto's vocals and an abundance of furious guitar work. Such is the case with HyperMania, Origami, Detonate, but also later with Dance With The Devil and Vanity Lane. Alternatively, there's a few tunes to trip you up. Torn is a milder anthem, almost AORish in character with symphonic nuances. Then there's AfterGlow, a song where the rhythm and groove coaxes those funk nuances and, it has horns! I love horns in a rock song, heavy or otherwise. AfterGlow is easily the killer track, and my favorite here. Conversely, SOTO covers Michael Jackson's Give In To Me in a heavy rock fashion. Ugh. Michael Jackson. Nevertheless, for some guitar-centered melodic heavy metal rock with plenty of funk and groove, SOTO's Origami delivers as promised. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

For some guitar-centered melodic heavy metal rock with plenty of funk and groove, SOTO's Origami delivers as promised. Recommended.

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