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Winterstorm: Everfrost
Winterstorm - Everfrost Album Art

Winterstorm: Everfrost

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

From the Bavaria and started in 2008, Winterstorm has been a regular force in Germany's heavy metal underground. The quintet had an auspicious and rapid start, releasing four studio albums between 2010 and 2016. But then the band was AWOL from the studio for several years. Was Winterstorm a mere flash in the pan for a short time. Apparently not. The band returns with their fifth long player, Everfrost, with the addition of new guitarist Jochen Windisch. The recording features guest appearances by vocalists Elina Siirala (Leaves Eyes) and Robse Martin Dahn (ex-Equilibrium). Also, Everfrost is a concept album with a timely theme: a civilisation on the brink of extinction, triggered by the ruthless exploitation of its planet. It's also about overcoming the resulting problems.

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While Winterstorm has been around for 15 years, Everfrost is my first experience with the band. If it is for some readers also, a brief introduction is necessary. Musically, Winterstorm performs classic European power metal. The elements are self-evident: twin guitars, gallop and groove, a dash of keyboards and orchestration*, and epic guitar solos. Vocalist Alexander Schirmer has some versatility. While singing clean and melodic, he can also seem raw and rough. He could probably have side hustle as a black metal vocalist. *No record is made of who provides this instrumentation.

With their metal context established, some mention of songs should be made. For straight up traditional power metal, Overcome The Fear, To The End Of All Known, Crusade, and Final Journey put the gallop into the genre. Robse Dahn appears in the latter song. Perhaps of greater interest to this listener was Future Times, a dense power metal epic with a linger piano line that rise to the fore around the midpoint. Another solid tune is The Phoenix Died which features Elina Siirala. Not quite as galloping as the others, the songs turns mostly on the vocal arrangement in duet harmony. All things considered, if you're a fan of European power metal in its traditional bombastic and epic glory, you will enjoy Winterstorm and their latest, Everfrost. Recommended.

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The Take Away

If you're a fan of European power metal in its traditional bombastic and epic glory, you will enjoy Winterstorm and their latest, Everfrost. Recommended.

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