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Black Horizon: The Choice
Black Horizon The Choice album new music review

Black Horizon: The Choice

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Lately I've been rather impressed by the New Wave of French Heavy Metal. This uprising crosses many genres of traditional to more extreme forms of metal, with varying results. Black Horizon comes from Ile-de-France, a Paris metropolitan area, with a fine blend of traditional melodic and power metal. Their first full-length work, The Choice, can to me via Dangerdog's friends at France's Inferno Records.

Black Horizon has a strong grasp of classic heavy metal fundamentals; there's no modern compromises to hardcore, nu-metal, or dirty vocals here. In the context of melody, however, Black Horizon can be heavy, assertive, and quite intense. Bastard and Time, two openers, thunder with heaviness, speed and power. These are followed by Did You See It, a melodic metal number that is assertive as it is deceptively catchy. Then Black Horizon raises the bar by mixing some knotty, even progressive, arrangements with the title cut and Silence. Production is clear and inviting. Though the vocal arrangements are sometimes challenging, Bruno (no last name given) is quite versatile and reliable. He's seems more comfortable on Reagis, with the French lyrics. Additionally, and not to dismiss other members' contributions, I was quite impressed by the bass and drum work throughout. Essentially, this crew shows great creativity and impressive potential beyond rudimentary European power metal.

It's likely Black Horizon's The Choice will fly under the radar in North America, but the European continent should pick up on this talented band. (Even if they are from France; don't hold that against them). The Choice is strong melodic heavy metal: well composed and played, and worth your interest. Recommended: find it if you can. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

From France, Black Horizon's The Choice is strong melodic heavy/power metal: well composed and played, and worth your interest. Recommended: find it if you can.

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