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Black Majesty: In Your Honour
Black Majesty In Your Honour new music review

Black Majesty: In Your Honour

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Australian power metal band Black Majesty came into their own with 2007's Tomorrowland, pushing them away, ever so slightly, from the derivative power metal that rules the day. With their latest, In Your Honour returns Black Majesty to this form. In other words, confusing consistency with standing still may be your major problem here. Black Majesty neither gains new ground nor explores new direction on In Your Honour. This is the status quo, but it sounds very good. This classic melodic heavy/power metal that would make Helloween or GammaRay blush. Hey, that's good enough for this long time (and jaded) power metal fan. Songs like Far Beyond, Further than Insane, and the soaring Break These Chains prove that epic power metal can still reign (even if you're not a fan).

At the final curtain, In Your Honour will be called predictable by most or dismissed as a tired euphemism for past glory by the greater majority of the uneducated modern metal masses. This is quite the shame as modern metal is replete with their own redundancies, especially in the realm of melodic metalcore and death metal. Instead, while not blinding us with earthshaking innovation, Black Majesty remains a tried and true veteran of melodic heavy metal, and we are better for it. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Black Majesty's In Your Honour finds them resting on their convincing and very sound melodic heavy and power metal laurels. We are better because of it. Solid stuff.

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