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Burn Blue Sky: Celebrate the Decline
Burn Blue Sky Celebrate the Decline album new music review

Burn Blue Sky: Celebrate the Decline

Hard/Heavy Rock

Burn Blue Sky is a hard working rock band from Akron Ohio area, and Celebrate the Decline is their second release. BBS counts Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, and Pantera, among others, as their influences, which probably accounts for their heavy and quite eclectic sound. For instance, the opener Neo Cortez is an indeterminate mix of melodic rock, stylish guitar work, hardcore near death vocals over a heavy foundation. It's as curious as it is divergent. But it certainly does not define the band or the rest of this album.

All Fade Away begins with a catchy melodic feel, but then digresses into something nearing stoner rock. And that stoner vibe continues on The City Streets, Cigarettes & Friends Long Dead, and Heathen: the music heavy and dark with only a few lapses of lively brightness. In Heathen it comes the soaring guitar solo. The last few songs continue this heavy rock theme, but with a more modern, post-grunge, rock accessibility. Yet, even with the heavy motif, Burn Blue Sky has several strong characteristics which challenges its peers: intriguing song arrangements, interesting guitar work, and a nearly old school sense of melody. These important elements alone make Celebrate the Decline an entertaining experience. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Burn Blue Sky's Celebrate the Decline is blistering platter of heavy rock with strong sense of melody and intriguing arrangements.

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