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Deathfist: Too Hot to Burn
Deathfist Too Hot to Burn album new music review

Deathfist: Too Hot to Burn

Thrash/Heavy/Death Metal

For old school thrash metal, Deathfist's full-length debut, Too Hot to Burn is probably as close as it gets. Formed by former members of Germany's Mortal Remains, vocalist Corinna Becker and bassist Martin Bastian, evokes memories of the early Bay Area and German thrash scene circa 1983. Similarities may end there as Deathfist seemed to be conflicted about their ultimate heavy metal direction.

On their MySpace, Deathfist suggests influences from Slayer, Exodus, and Metallica, but probably only as scattered seeds upon rocky soil. Certainly, the thrash metal is here, yet after several spins it seems that Deathfist can't decide whether they want to be a thrash band or a more speedy death metal band. Some of this consternation comes from Ms. Becker's vocals. Mostly, she sounds like a thrash vocalist with (very significant) leanings to death metal. But ultimately I don't think she's suited for doing either.

If the old lady sitting at the quarter slot machine in Las Vegas, with the 60 year tobacco habit, and holding a cigarette dangling two inches of ash could sing, then you have a sonic idea of what Ms. Becker sounds like. However, to her credit she comes close to metal on Too Hot to Burn and Killing Time. Ultimately, with repeated listens she will either grow on you or you will simply ignore her. I don't know which is the worse (or better) thing for you (or Deathfist).

Those tracks, along with Prey, Booze Brigade, and Slay Her, are the best examples of Deathfist's version of thrash heavy metal. Others such as Demons or World of Darkness are not overly inspiring. However, and fundamentally, the music is the most convincing thing on Too Hot to Burn. Though not overly technical, Deathfist delivers the essential old school goods: speedy, heavy, and head banging classic thrash (with some death metal nuances). - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Fundamentally, and passing over the vocals, the thrash metal is the most convincing thing on Deathfist's Too Hot to Burn. Though not overly technical, Deathfist delivers the essential old school goods.

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