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Diskreet: Engage the Mechanicality
PDiskreet Engage the Mechanicality album new music review

Diskreet: Engage the Mechanicality

Death Metal

For all their ferocity, Diskreet are a bunch of dweebs. How come? For starters, there's the World of Warcraft inspired cover art of their debut holocaust, I. Look at it, a herculean figure dwarfed by a fearsome…mechanicality? Second, they use clips from movies before each song. You can divert yourself from the music by trying to name which film dialogue comes before each song. This writer didn't bother though.

Despite the cheese, the American quintet deserves props and applause for the energy crackling throughout the 11 battering sonic salvos on this album. Skipping a useless intro (intros are never a good idea because everyone else uses intros, to little effect) the band erupt in a flurry of jagged guitars and machinegun percussion for Valley of Kings. Devotees of the br00tal/technical end of the spectrum, Diskreet's particular approach to death metal calls for venomous growls on top of twin guitar blizzards that gush an endless riff barrage punctuated by occasional virtuosic noodles.

The album stews in violent juices for the entirety of its 40 minute length and what may put off curious ears is the tedium that plagues vulgar death metal spectacles. But for Diskreet, the relentless pace serves them well and keeps the band's performance level razor sharp. For a debut album the five some sure have their act together, everything from lyrics to musicianship and production is top notch. By executing a complete product, Diskreet are forgiven their lapses, which are mainly being repetitive and orthodox in the practice of their art.

It's a fault that can't be ignored by anyone who earnestly tries to digest Engage the Mechanicality. Diskreet are just rounding the wheel, itself a virtue in their genre of choice. However, rounding the wheel requires a subtle talent for working within narrow margins and still being able to grab the audience the whole time. Some bands do this easy (Cannibal Corpse) and others don't (Vital Remains). For ultimate gratification, Engage the Mechanicality is worth a few spins—a solid album that sets the stage for greater things to come from Diskreet. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

For ultimate gratification, Engage the Mechanicality is worth a few spins—a solid album that sets the stage for greater things to come from Diskreet.

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