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Dragonsfire: Metal Service
Dragonsfire Metal Service new music review

Dragonsfire: Metal Service

Heavy/Power Metal

On their third album Metal Service, Germany's Dragonsfire continues on their path of delivering solid Teutonic heavy/power metal. Not as much stepping up their game, but rather keeping their version of traditional metal alive, Dragonsfire proves their consistency. Yet, even with their big riffs, astonishing sense of melody, and full metal armour, Dragonsfire show more intrigue than expected.

They can bring sneering rock attitude on My Mashed Insane. Or they can sound like essential 80's speed metal on Raging Fire. Then, there's the epic sounding King Without a Crown. Dragonsfire can get sentimental with Tony Robbins' inspiration of Call of the Heart. But, they're at their best when the songs are heavy, melodic, and downright catchy as on The Devil (of all songs) and Time of Twilight.

Then some songs don't fire that well like the over-the-top, and way too long, Lost Melody and the power metal predictable Visions of Fire. But the listener's biggest challenge may be Thassilo Herbert's gruff and redundant vocal performance. Sounding like a cross between Joakim Broden (Sabaton) and that Mr. Lordi dude, Herbert can become both predictable and tiring, especially when it sounds like he's purposely overextending himself. (Last year I compared him to Lemmy meets Gene Simmons. Funny!) Nevertheless, it still seems to work in Dragonsfire's musical context. Overall, Metal Service is a better than average platter of entertaining heavy and power metal from Dragonsfire. It's definitely better than last year's Visions of Fire. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

On Metal Service, Dragonsfire's keeps their vision of solid, traditional heavy and power metal alive and well.

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