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Fatal Smile: World Domination Special Edition
Fatal Smile World Domination Special Edition new music review

Fatal Smile World Domination (SE)

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

I don't know what's so special about this release of Fatal Smile's 2008 World Domination. Maybe it's the bonus videos. Nevertheless, PR agency Sound Pollution is giving them the 'push' somewhere on God's green earth. Foregoing (and forgetting) the marketing bullshit, Fatal Smile's World Domination is some kick ass hard rock with generous amounts of heavy metal balls. Here's my review from 2008.

Fatal Smile comes from Sweden which, along with Norway and Finland, are producing some of the best rock bands in the genres of melodic hard rock, glam/sleaze rock and metal since the great days of the 80's. This four piece is heavier than the likes of Wig Wam, Brother Firetribe, or Leverage. Fatal Smile may be more near the Backyard Babies in their style. However you wish to define them, 'World Domination' is full strength, in-your-face, and kick ass rock with metal edges.

'World Domination' is loaded with great raw vocals from Blade, stinging and terrific guitar licks from Y, and a pounding rhythm from bassist, Axl and drummer, Zteff. Regarding Blade, his intense gruff voice reminds me of a young Lemmy of Motorhead. It's a toss up who steals the show here, Blade with his forceful vocals or Y's blistering guitar work. As for the songs, don't expect a slow moment from front to back. Every one comes on hard and pounds away. At times, Fatal Smile reminds of a Guns 'N Roses for a new generation. For a selection, consider the fabulous opener 'S.O.B.,' and also 'Primed & Ready,' 'Too Far Down,' and 'Run For Your Life.' 'Straight To Hell' drives hard and fast and reminds you why love hard rock and metal. The boys get a little political on 'Eve Of War,' but not matter, this is another fine rocker that exemplifies Y's exceptional guitar talent.

Fatal Smile's 'World Domination' is a powerful record and worth your immediate attention. Don't expect to find such a blistering combination of rock and metal in America. These guys stand and deliver.

Very recommended! - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Forgetting the marketing ploy of a special edition, Fatal Smile's World Domination is a powerful record and worth your immediate attention. These guys stand and deliver.

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