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Forgotten Suns: Revelations (EP)
Forgotten Suns Revelations (EP) album new music review

Forgotten Suns: Revelations (EP)

Progressive Metal

Honestly, when a band (excepting a fledgling one) releases an 'EP' I get suspicious. Why? It's often merely a 'teaser' for a forthcoming album, offering one, maybe two new tracks if they're generous, from the same. They'll toss in throw away fillers like some poorly produced live material or remixes of other stuff. These EPs have the equal ability to whet your appetite and suck dollars (or Euros) from your wallet. And don't get me started on the obligatory and dumbass 'Japanese bonus track.' Check with Edguy on that one.

Okay, editorial tirade ends here. So what should we say about Forgotten Suns' new EP Revelations

First, Revelations is not released in advance of a new album. Actually, and secondly, it contains old material, so to speak. Doppelganger is from 2009's Innergy, a work of rather uneven progressive rock and metal. You can read the Dangerdog review. Basically, you can pass over Doppelganger: it's not that impressive.

On the other hand, Betrayed, in two parts, reaches back to their first full-length album Fiction Edge. But this inclusion is rather strange. If you look at the track listing from Fiction Edge, there is only Betrayed Part II. Where did Part I come from? Beats me. Nevertheless, Betrayed is a real Forgotten Suns highlight: intriguing, well-arranged, European progressive metal.

But the real gems here are the songs from the Innergy recording sessions that were, sometimes, performed live, yet never saw the light of day on album, until now. These are Phenotype, Pinpoints, and The Hill. Passing over the average, mildly satisfying, Phenotype, Pinpoints and The Hill are passages of entertaining genius from these Portuguese craftsman. More of this, please. Dynamic and expressive, these songs make the whole EP a beacon of light. And yes, damn it all (especially my comments from the Innergy review), these guys are good.

Certainly I've spent to much to time discussing an EP. However, Forgotten Suns' Revelations EP was worth the extra effort. This is a fine example of Forgotten Suns' immense musical skill and creativity. I just wish it would translate to an equally consistent full platter of progressive metal. Therefore, for a fine introduction to Forgotten Suns's progressive music, check out their Revelations EP: you will not be disappointed. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

For a fine introduction to Forgotten Suns's progressive music, check out their Revelations EP: you will not be disappointed.

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