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FramePictures: Remember It
FramePictures Remember It new music review

FramePictures: Remember It

Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.75/5.0

As a progressive rock band, Portugal's FramePictures had an unusual and unlikely beginning: they formed in 2004 as group of session musicians backing up pop vocalist. While prog would be their thing, they first attempted it as an instrumental experiment, and only later added a vocalist. Remember It is FramePictures' debut disc for ProgRock and Galileo Records.

Inventive and inspired are the first words that come to mind as you travel through Remember It. Echoes of early Dream Theater, maybe some Porcupine Tree, and also Planet X and some Transatlantic are heard throughout this musical drama. Yet, FramePictures' free expression and creativity reign supreme. The music flows quickly and effortlessly over the imaginative arrangements. And these compositions can drift between conventional prog rock as Memories Faded Away to the quirky and unconventional, closer to prog metal, like Shadows Black and Grey. Of genuine importance is that all players are equally represented in every song. Individual performances also shine like the lead guitar on Memories Faded Away, the bass line on Call for Me, and the keyboards on Don't Trust My Eyes.

As prog goes, ambition and extravagance are in abundance on Remember It's final track, My Will to Live. At 26 minutes this piece, while quite compelling, will challenge the listener to find it either breathtaking and inspired in its scope and passion, or merely the curious indulgence of five ambitious prog-meisters. It may be both, but I think it favors the former simply because it displays the formidable talent of the musicians while keep the listener entertained. In the end, My Will to Live is the substance of FramePictures' Remember It: a grand, accomplished, and compelling progressive rock debut. Strongly recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Epic and accomplished, FramePictures' Remember It is grand progressive rock/metal bound to challenge, intrigue, and entertain from beginning to end.

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