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Gynger Lynn: Baby's Gone Bad (Reissue)
Gynger Lynn Baby's Gone Bad new music review

Gynger Lynn: Baby's Gone Bad (Reissue)

Melodic Hard Rock

From 1993, Eonian Records reissues Baby's Gone Bad from early 90's Chicago sensation, Gynger Lynn. Baby's Gone Bad finds the band delivering more spry and energetic rock songs, and less 80's clone sleaze rock than their previous outing. Offering brisk, often shorter, arrangements, this work steals a page from some Rockford friends sounding like Cheap Trick meets the Beatles being slapped around by The Ramones (and probably one or two Sunset Strip bands). If you can't picture, or hear, that than just think some very ambitious hooks over taut and tasty melodies, and informed by pure rock n roll fun from that latent salacious sleaze sound. No doubt this was totally out of place in the rising days of flannel shirt grunge. So much for the temperamental public and music industry.

Nevertheless, it mostly works, and works quite well. Baby's All Talk, Lonely Lonely, Wanna Be Your Lover, and most excellent Summertime show Gynger Lynn at their hypnotic hook-laden best. Seminal 80's melodic hard rock roots return on The Chance and Yes, It's True. A better metal edge can be found on Stay With Me and Baby's Gone Bad, even when supported by keyboards. Yet, the fundamental element here seems to be the song, and trying to make them well composed, inviting, and energetic. Though severely out of context in 1993, Gynger Lynn was undoubtedly at the top of their game on Baby's Gone Bad. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Though severely out of context in 1993, Gynger Lynn was undoubtedly at the top of their game on Baby's Gone Bad, with their edgy and infectious melodic hard rock.

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