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Infinite Tone: Impossi-Bull
Infinite Tone Impossi-Bull album new music review

Infinite Tone: Impossi-Bull

(Classic) Melodic Hard Rock

Infinite Tone is Inno Fabbro (vocals) and Bruno Di Medio (guitar) from Montreal Canada. However, with names like those, they look and sound like they could have walked straight out The Bronx or Brooklyn. The latter looks like a young mafia don, and the former, his enforcer. But can these fellows rock? Oh yeah. Call Impossi-Bull classic hard, or better, bruiser rock. A gritty minimal production combined with some rough and tumble hard rock makes this disc a rollicking piece.

Don't let first impressions fool you, Fabbro may look like a bouncer at the neighborhood social club but he can sing. While not necessarily completely unique or distinctive, Fabbro can growl or bellow with the best rocker (Impossi-Bull, Burn!), then settle down to soothe as on Picture of You and In My Eyes, two very good and surprising songs. Di Medio holds his own with crisp and brisk chops that also lend to some fine rock licks (Edge of Time, My Friend Matt). Musically, then, Impossi-Bull is a fine ride with minor bumps along the way; the last two songs are probably the weakest on the album, but also the heaviest. Nevertheless, with a strong gritty groove, and an occassional measure of some old school organ, Fabbro and Di Medio prove their natural ability to deliver the classic hard rock goods.

One confounding thing about Impossi-Bull is the quizzical relationship between titles and lyrics. My Friend Matt doesn't appear to mention Matt at all; must be some inside information required. Except for the chorus(?), Raise your leg, Squirt your salute, No need to beg, You're such a brute, Requiem Canis (Man's Best Friend) seems to have left Fido at the shelter. Well, rock music certainly has the right to be somehat vague and nonsensical, just listen to She Came In Through The Bathroom Window by The Beatles. Infinite Tone's lyrical content can remind you of Phil Mogg's (UFO) sometimes enigmatic verse.

Overall, Infinite Tone's Impossi-Bull is a satisfying platter of classic hard rock done by two dudes who know their craft. Definitely worth your attention. Nice cover art and liner notes. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

With a strong gritty groove, and an occassional measure of some old school organ, Infinite Tone proves their natural ability to deliver the classic hard rock goods on Impossi-Bull.

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