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Lillian Axe: Deep Red Shadows
Lillian Axe Deep Red Shadows new music review

Lillian Axe: Deep Red Shadows

Melodic Hard Rock

Deep Red Shadows is not your party pop metal Lillian Axe was mildly famous for back in the Eighties. Frankly, if you know Lillian Axe from the classic 1989 Love + War, and haven't heard them lately, then you're in for a surprise. Lillian Axe picks up were the left off from last year's Sad Day on Planet Earth with a sound more akin to modern trends and measured eclectism. I was impressed. However, from what I read elsewhere, others were not. Geez, these guys can't get a break.

Deep Red Shadows, a play on the song Deep Blue Shadows from 1993's Psychoschizophrenia, is modern melodic rock, but with an atmospheric and dark feature. Some of it could be the subject matter: vampires. (Doesn't that fit with current trends!) Under the Same Moon, The Quenching of Human Life (with a fine guitar solo from King's X Ty Tabor), and A Minute of Years are foreboding and unearthly numbers, which prove the different direction of Ms. Axe. They're quite stirring numbers, and also show founding member Steve Blaze's consistent exploratory fret work.

The album is rounded out by acoustic reworkings of previously recorded Axe songs. They're all quite good, but a disappointment when you think you're getting a new album of new songs. However, they all display the amazing talent of departing vocalist Derrick LeFevre (who will be replaced by former Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe). I think he will be sorely missed.

While not your Eighties Lillian Axe nor as good as last year's Sad Day of Planet Earth, Deep Red Shadows proves that this is band that will not stand still. The promise of a new direction in sound requires both the fan and the curious to take notice and listen. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

While not as good as last year's Sad Day on Planet Earth, Deep Red Shadows shows Lillian Axe to be a band not standing still with the promise of a new direction.

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