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Lynch: Window of Your Soul (EP)
Lynch Window of Your Soul new music review

Lynch: Window of Your Soul (EP)

Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 3.0/5.0

Hailing from 'that toddlin town' Chicago, no stranger to hard rock and blues, comes Lynch, a melodic hard rock band built around vocalist Danny Lynch. I've listened to their debut EP, Window of Your Soul, twice now and, without the foreknowledge from a press kit, web site, or MySpace, I would swear Danny was a female vocalist. But, lo and behold, Danny is a dude, who sounds like a raspy female hard rock/blues singer. Spooky. I didn't know whether to be mystified or creeped out. Anyway, Mr. Lynch's vocals have enough earthiness and bravado to deliver the goods. But, I'm still not sure I like it.

The real star here is the music. Window of Your Soul is straight up melodic hard rock with an underlying blues edge. Lynch can keep it up and kick it out with rich killer rock as on Heartless Beat, Slow Down or 1724. Mike Burke is no slouch on guitar delivering riffs and solos with abandon and skill. Also, Lynch is helped along the way by recording with analog equipment at local Fat Recording Studio. This gives Window of Your Soul a sonic texture of authentic minimalism while retaining the aural depth of a near live recording. You won't get that feel in the sterile wasteland of digital recording.

Nevertheless, old school methods aside, songs like Geisha and Sister Mary are dodgy at best. In the end, however, I was still nagged by Danny Lynch's vocals. As much as I digged the Lynch sound, I kept wondering if the songs would have been better with a different singer. The point is moot since Mr. Lynch is the principal, so I guess I'll never know. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Lynch's Window of Your Soul is straight American melodic hard rock from Chicago, with strong a sonic presence thanks to a totally analog recording and, excepting the vocals, beefy performances on several songs.

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