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Nothing More: The Few Not Fleeting
Nothing More The Few Not Fleeting new music review

Nothing More: The Few Not Fleeting

Alterative/Modern Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Considering the caliber of their press/promo package, and the predictable hype within, I listened with heightened expectation to Nothing More's latest, The Few Not Fleeting. I should be more careful. With accolades and admiration near and far, Nothing More stirs up a huge platter of modern alternative hard rock, with hints of metal. The good news is that Nothing More has not succumbed to the typical characteristics of modern rock, the harshness of hardcore coupled with incessant dirty vocals. Actually, this band's significant highpoints include Jonny Hawkins exceptional vocal skills (with accompanying vocal arrangements) and the overall ability of the band to create songs with melody and hooks. There may be some subtle progressive nuances here and there, but after this, The Few Not Fleeting is mainstream alt hard rock. Nothing More can tear it up with Gone and Salem, turn to milder alt rock on Fell in Love with a Ghost, offer some pop sarcasm on Fat Kid, and nail radio-friendly commercialism with Blue and Gold. Then again Christy and It Seems near alt/emo balderdash; stop me before I blow chunks. The Few Not Fleeting is alternatively entertaining and typical, interesting and predictable. Honestly, The Few Not Fleeting is something I would expect to hear blaring from a trendy Not Topic store or college alt rock station, but then disappear as quickly as it arrived. Nevertheless, Nothing More and their latest The Few Not Fleeting is better than what passes for the majority of modern alt hard rock. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Nothing More and their latest The Few Not Fleeting is better than what passes for the majority of typical modern or alternative hard rock. Although it's probably typical of most anything blaring from your local Hot Topic store.

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