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Primal Fear: All Over the World (DVD)
Primal Fear All Over the World DVD new music review

Primal Fear: All Over the World (DVD)

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal


Primal Fear's live DVD All Over the World is what a good heavy metal live performance should look like on video. It's not big budget like, say, a Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. But Primal Fear does quite well, recording from their European and American tours in support of 16.6 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

From broad shots from the back row to intimate shots of individual players on stage (including closeups of fret work), All Over the World draws you into the live performance. You wish you were there; I did. Even better is the obvious fact that Primal Fear is at the top of their game here. Every member shows enthusiasm and a deliberate desire to entertain and impress the audience. How many times have you been to a concert or viewed a live DVD and it looks like the performers are solemn or simply bored out of their collective skulls. Not here. Primal Fear are lively and engaging.

But, yeah, I'm a huge Primal Fear fan! So I'm biased. You can kick my butt later.

The music does the talking here. Battalions of Hate, Killbound (simply awesome), and Metal is Forever are a few samples of true and inspiring Primal Fear. But the real gem here is Fighting the Darkness (from New Religion) which features a vocal duet between Ralf Scheepers and Pamela Moore (Queensryche). This is a true show stopper. The next closest thing is the nearly acoustic Hands of Time, an encore piece, with Matt Sinner and the rest of the band on vocals. It's a very intimate experience. And all this proves that Primal Fear is the connsumate classic melodic heavy metal band. While they do Seven Seals, I wish they would have done more from that album: it's my favorite. But I understand they're supporting their latest work.

Nevertheless, All Over the World gets you very close to a live Primal Fear experience; honestly, you do feel that you're there on this DVD. But, as I said before, I'm huge fan. And this is what metal should be: classic and melodic with soaring vocals, ripping guitar work, and a huge rhythm section. It's all here, and live in your face. Strongly recommended! - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Primal Fear's Live in the USA pretty much kicks ass, capturing the band with full energy and enthusiasm, and knobs to Eleven.

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