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Signum Regis: The Eyes of Power
Signum Regis The Eyes of Power album new music review

Signum Regis: The Eyes of Power

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Bass player Ronnie Konig returns with his second installment of his Signum Regis project The Eyes of Power. As with the premier, traditional European melodic power metal, dosed with classic metal and some Near eastern spices, rules the day on this release. The Eyes of Power is concept album based upon Roman/Persian relations in the early Christian era (accounting for the Near eastern musical tones). For his part, Konig shows lyrical and compositional mastery with generally well-crafted songs. Goran Edman also returns with his power metal vocals. Edman's a good metal singer if you like your vocals more rough and tumble, more coarse. I've always found him adequate but not prolific. And that description might summarize the extent of The Eyes of Power. The album is interesting, both musically and lyrically, especially catching some of Konig's deft bass lines. With the exception of the instrumentals, Renewal in the East, The Underground Temple of Mithras, and Roma Aeterna, nothing really grabbed my attention here. Although, it is somewhat interesting that what I did enjoy was at exclusion of Edman's vocals. Nevertheless, for pure European melodic power metal, Signum Regis' The Eyes of Power a fine and worthy, though typical, example. Perhaps several additional listens will persuade me to a more sufficient opinion. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

For pure European melodic power metal, Signum Regis' The Eyes of Power a fine and worthy, though typical, example.

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