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Brock, Terry: Diamond Blue
Terry Brock Diamond Blue new music review

Brock, Terry: Diamond Blue

Melodic Rock/AOR

Vocalist Terry Brock is a busy guy; actually, he probably never sits still for too long. Last year he became the new frontman for melodic hard rock legends Giant, performing on 2010's excellent Promised Land. Recently, Brock announced his intentions to rejoin Strangeways, the significant AOR band from Scotland that put his vocal presence on the world stage back in the late 80's. In between, he's found the time to create his second solo album Diamond Blue.

Without question, the focus of Diamond Blue is upon Terry Brock's formidable vocal talent. This talent performs over some well-rounded AOR/melodic rock songs. However, these songs are bolstered by the compositional and musical from renowned guitarist/producer/songwriter Mike Slamer, so except so dynamic fret work as well. (Brock and Slamer worked together on Seventh Key and Slamer's project Nowhere Land.)

Overall, Diamond Blue is melodic ear candy, sometimes lighter (It's You, Rain), sometimes heavier (Nice Guy, Diamond Blue). Some songs are simply moody, swinging effortlessly between the two, like Broken. Most all songs are pure arena or radio friendly rock, catchy with swells of grandeur as found in Too Young or Face in the Crowd. Again, the unequivocal star here is Brock's effortless, strong, and amazingly versatile style. He handles every song with aplomb. There are few weak spots here. I struggled with Jessi's Gone as it seemed like cheesy pop melodic rock, and near filler for the album. That's more a mild blemish, than a sore black eye for Diamond Blue. Otherwise, Diamond Blue is an exceptional work displaying Terry Brock's versatile vocal talent in some very vibrant melodic rock songs. Very recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Diamond Blue is an exceptional work displaying Terry Brock's versatile vocal talent in some very vibrant melodic rock songs.

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