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White Widdow: White Widdow
White Widdow album new music review

White Widdow: White Widdow

AOR/Melodic Rock

Life can be very simple. Rock + Australia = AC/DC. However, inadvertently you can be mistaken. Australia may not push out as many bands as Europe has done lately, but the ones catching my attention rock hard. Although quite progressive, I was impressed with the emergence of Vanishing Point. And where AC/DC stands when outlining their music is, even for the deaf, a walk in the park. Therefore, my eyebrows went up substantially reading the info on White Widdow's self titled debut disc: Eighties glam rock, melodic arena rock and AOR. From Australia?

Well, you better get used to the idea, because it's true. White Widdow turns back the clock 25 years, and does it in such a convincing fashion, that, at least for a while, they stopped my longing for classics from Survivor, Dokken and Treat. Is it original or groundbreaking? Certainly not, and I have heard this type of music million times before. Nevertheless, my saturation point will never be reached when performed like this. It must be like coffee, after thousands of cappuccino’s you can still long for the next.

To give you some idea where White Widdow stands, the resemblance with Brother Firetribe (Spirit of Fire) is striking, other moments Van Halen (We've Got the Wings) in their 1984/5150 period comes to mind. But one thing is for sure: these guys have done their homework well and that typical Eighties sound echoes through the entire disc.

Musically White Widdow floats heavy on the flourishing keyboards and impressive vocals of brothers Xavier and Jules Millis. But not mentioning guitarist Enzo Almanzi would be an insult since he impresses me as well. Both production and rhythm section leave no reason to complain either. Bad production can break any album. In this case the duties where handed to Martin Kronlund at JM Studios in Sweden and are spot on.

Shadows of Love is the only toned down track, but still rocks considerably. That brings me to the only point lost here. The album could have done with a touch more variety. Maybe a real power ballad or epic track would have shaken things up and enhance the fun. Nevertheless, hey, let's not forget: we are talking a debut disc here and who knows lies ahead. One thing is for sure: if these guys can find a way to improve on White Widdow, I'm not sure what they are heading for, but it could be close to stardom. I hope that a few other bands will follow in their path to show that Australia + Rock are more than AC/DC. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

If these guys can find a way to improve on White Widdow, I'm not sure what they are heading for, but it could be close to stardom.

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