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Xtrunk: Full Confession
Xtrunk Full Confession album new music review

Xtrunk: Full Confession

Thrash/Death Metalcore

Xtrunk's sophomore release Full Confession is another, nearly perfect, example of why I find modern heavy metal so frustrating. Xtrunk's metal is quite formulaic: a thrash foundation with staccato blast beat drumming and raspy death/hardcore vocals. That's pretty much it, but that probably describes 99 percent of all the bands in the world who are mixing thrash with either hardcore or death metal. If they weren't from Nice France, I could say Xtrunk was from Anywhere, USA.

While the songs are varied, they all are overwhelmed by those three aforementioned ingredients. If there are any genuine points of ingenuity, enough to tickle your ears or cause Xtrunk to stand out from the crowd, then they are in moments, sparse moments within (almost) each song. I'm not going to attempt to point out those instances because that would require me to listen to Full Confession a second or even third time. Forget it. I've got better things to do. Suffice to say that those 'moments' are generally twofold: first, when Xtrunk isn't doing their formula modern metal (see above) and the breakdown is atypical of common metalcore; and second, when the lead guitarist (John?) is laying down some rather cool licks.

Otherwise, nothing truly stood out for me, and I was often either fast-forwarding within each song or quickly skipping to the next hoping for something better. However, I will give an honorable mention to Silver Tray, although I'm entirely sure why. If you have a choice of modern metal releases from Manitou Records this fall, Xtrunk's Full Confession or Korrosiah's Creepy Feelings, pass on the former and run for the latter. Although all the American kids who listen to similar artists on Victory, Trustkill, or Bullet Tooth Records will probably love this. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Xtrunk's sophomore release Full Confession is another, nearly perfect, example of why I find modern heavy metal so frustrating: this is conventional thrash/death metal merged with hardcore.

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