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Dream of Illusion: Decadence
Dream of Illusion Decadence album new music review

Dream of Illusion: Decadence

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from Italy, a country well known for it's robust melodic heavy and power metal, Dream of Illusion delivers much the same on Decadence. Certainly not near the grandiose theatrics of, say, Rhapsody of Fire, DOI still delivers melodic metal on the heavier side and with some rock n roll sensibility. It's hard to decipher the origins of DOI from the broken English of their one-sheet biography. But they suggest influences as deep as Deep Purple, AC/DC, and Guns N Roses. These are heady and worthwhile peers. However, Dream of Illusion stills sound like heavier European melodic power metal to me. Though Rocker Warrior and obviously misspelled Mistery enjoy some sense of rock accessibility. Actually these songs, along with Born to Rock, Hysteria (no allusions Def Leppard), and others emphasize this real rock feel. Much of this comes from the strong rhythm section, but also Francesco Valentini' melodic and sublime vocals.

As I've mentioned several times, 'heavier' is a theme here. Of all the Italian 'metal' bands, DOI wants to cut a path through the typical and prejudicial views of Italian metal bands, but does not necessarily succeed. As I concluded earlier, Decadence is European melodic power/heavy metal, both true to form and exceptional against their peers. At this point, you my feel my comments are vague and ambivalent; you might be right. Nevertheless, there's real talent and ingenuity here, even if Decadence is signature Euro power metal. Listen to that rhythm section once more, those terrific arrangements, and those stirring guitar solos, and I think you'll get it. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

On Decadence, Italy's Dream of Illusion delivers traditional Euro melodic heavy/power metal with talent, precision, and ingenuity often exceeding their peers.

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