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Glyder: Backroads to Byzantium
Glyder Backroads to Byzantium album new music review

Glyder: Backroads to Byzantium

Melodic Rock/AOR

With three new members, including a new vocalist, Glyder 2.0 reboots for their fourth album Backroads to Byzantium. From the start, you'll find that the band retains their classic melodic rock roots, formed mostly from late Seventies to early Eighties. Yet, while Glyder can deliver hard rock heaviness, as on the opener Chronicled Deceit and the later Two Wrongs, there's a lighter side here also.

Following Long Gone, a fast-paced rocker, Glyder tones things down for a more melodic rock, even AOR, sound. Strong melodies, a superb rock groove, and playful and catchy hooks propel the songs from Fade to Dust to Something She Knows. It's a toss up between Even If I Don't Know Where I'm Gonna Go and Something She Knows for pure radio friendliness and accessibility; they are simply fine tunes. Yet, these songs and the entirety of Backroads to Byzantium is bolstered by solid song composition and skilled musicianship. Expect to be persuaded by vocalist Jackie Robinson unswerving steadiness and finesse. He proves his talent on Something She Knows and the acoustic driven closer Motions of Time.

For the record, I was more persuaded by the catchy melodic rock numbers than the harder rock of Chronicled Deceit and End of the Line. Though good songs, they didn't seem to be the strength of Backroads to Byzantium. I also wished it was longer, maybe two more songs. Nevertheless, for that classic melodic rock sound Glyder's Backroads to Byzantium is hard to beat. Very recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

For that classic melodic rock sound, sometimes heavy, but always quite catchy, Glyder's Backroads to Byzantium is hard to beat.

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