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Magnum: The Visitation
Magnum The Visitation album new music review

Magnum: The Visitation

Melodic/Progressive Rock

Writing about legendary UK band Magnum's latest release is like the next man to score Melanie Griffith and wondering what to do in the sack. All's been said and done before. Magnum, once again, merges melodic and progressive rock into a fine package. Sometimes heavier, as the opener betrays, but generally interesting and provocative, The Visitation delivers on Magnum's talent and reputation.

In the context of the music biz, Magnum are ancient as coal. Nevertheless, listening to vocalist Bob Catley and company you understand that the music airwaves are most often ruled by the seasoned and mature. Certainly, the title track and Wild Angles demonstrates and displays Magnum's experience, expertise, andfortune. Though dismissed by the current youth as old school, Magnum can compete with much of the very same: the modern (even British) alt and indie rock. Spin Like a Wheel, which echoes classic melodic rock, spins with diversity and intrigue against the common fare. The same could be said for The Last Frontier or Mother Nature's Final Dance.

In the end, The Visitation is pure Magnum: melodic rock blended with the intrigue of progressive rock. Often heavy, definitely moody, The Visitation is quintessential Magnum. Fan or newbie, collect this disc. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

On Decadence, Italy's Dream of Illusion delivers traditional Euro melodic heavy/power metal with talent, precision, and ingenuity often exceeding their peers.

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