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Omit: Repose
Omit Repose album new music review

Omit: Repose

Symphonic Doom Metal

Doom and gloom, despondent and depressing. So describes Norwegian band Omit's debut album Repose. This is symphonic (with real violins and cellos) doom metal of the highest form. That is if melancholy and despondency can be considered high or uplifting. Consider the song titles: Scars, Fatigue, Dissolve, Constriction, and Insolence. My bones ache, my soul screams for hope and light, at these names and the music within Repose. And there's an hour of this. Why? After the first 16 minutes of Scars, Omit has made their point. Put the shotgun under your chin and pull the trigger. Life according to Omit is certainly not worth living, at least the musical atmosphere suggests this.

Passing over the fine musicianship and song composition, Repose is hardly cheery, or light-hearted, music. Is life this bad in Norway? What do the players in Omit do for fun? Likely whine, complain, or grieve about their personal circumstances. Listening to this work, I can't imagine a single member doing anything playful, let alone smiling or laughing. Would the wear anything but black or a shade of gray? Kudos to the symphonic instrumentation of Fatigue and the foundational acoustic guitar of Dissolve. Otherwise, my heart, soul, and mind can't bear the weight of Omit's dark and despairing hopelessness. Yet, in despite of this, on Repose Omit defines the best of symphonic doom metal. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Dark and despondent, Omit's Repose offers the best in symphonic doom metal, alive in craftsmanship, but devoid of hope and light. Are you inclined to depression? Then don't listen to this.

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