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Sabaton: World War Live
Sabaton World War Live album new music review

Sabaton: World War Live

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

The heroes of war/battle metal Sabaton offer their first live recording on World War Live - Battle of the Baltic Sea. Having little more than a track listing from Nuclear Blast's promotional material, I had to look up the details of this venture on the Internet. The package consists of two CDs and one DVD. The contents of the first CD is the live recording from the first SabatonCruise in December 2010 on the Baltic Sea (which accounts for the addendum in the title). The second bonus disc is recordings from the 2010 World War Tour. Finally, DVD includes Sabaton live 2008 at Rockstad Falun plus three videos of songs.

Nuclear Blast provided only the content of the first CD, the live Sabatoncruise recording, for my review. It's a fine live set, as anything recorded in the digital age should be. Any mistakes or need for clarity were likely fixed in post-production. Considering the boat was packed with Sabaton fans, the crowd reaction, when heard, is enthusiastic. Sabaton is also enthusiastic and energetic: performing live is their first best venue. The band includes some of their best cuts including the classic Ghost Division, The Art of War, Aces in Exile, the prime The Price of a Mile, and the more recent Primo Victoria. The album wraps up with a 'metal medley' where Sabaton invokes their many tributes to the glory of heavy metal.

Since I can't speak to the other CD or DVD, suffice to say that for Sabaton fans, especially those on the cruise or at a show, World War Live - Battle of the Baltic Sea will be an essential purchase. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

For Sabaton fans, especially those on the SabatonCruise or at a tour show, World War Live - Battle of the Baltic Sea will be an essential purchase.

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