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Sushi Rain: Breathless
Alastair Greene Through the Rain review

Sushi Rain: Breathless

Melodic Hard/Funk Rock

With a quirky band name, Sushi Rain, and an interesting promo description, funk metal, this release should provoke some curiosity. Though the 'metal' side of the things remains questionable, Sushi Rain attempts to combine the accessibility of classic rock with a funk rock groove, complete with saxophone and some dude offering rap and soul vocals. Think parts Living Color, maybe Faith No More, meets Toto. Actually, it's not all that simple or that interesting for that matter. The faux disco funk of S Shake Your Body to the Disco Hell garners some interest at the start, but few songs keep you interest from there. The saxophone is defining in Don't Waste More Tears; the guitar work better, livelier, in Midnight Queen; Fly has a nice vocal arrangement and cracking guitar work, and suggest an idea of Yes getting their funk on.

Honestly, and to their credit, Sushi Rain's Breathless is interesting and somewhat clever, if not simply a throwback to time and style better than a decade behind in inspiration. As much as I can enjoy the inclusion a funk/rock groove and most certainly horns in my rock, something still didn't click here. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to explore Sushi Rain's sound.

In Short

On Breathless, Sushi Rain offers a merger of classic hard rock with a funk groove, complete with lively bass work and sax for accent, for interesting, but mostly mixed results.

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