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Bad Poetry Band: The One Way Romance
Bad Poetry Band - The One Way Romance Review

Bad Poetry Band: The One Way Romance

Melodic Hard Rock

With their curious band name and quirky Sixties stoner art, one wonders what lies within Bad Poetry Band's album, The One Way Romance. Hailing from Sweden might give you a clue, where rock bands from classic rock to Eighties sleaze are still rising. Now we're getting closer to Bad Poetry's sound.

Bad Poetry Band Photo

Bad Poetry: slaves to fashion.

For their second album, toss in some punk spirit to the classic hard rock and sleaze/glam attitude, and you have a taste of what Bad Poetry offers. (They really need to drop the 'band' part; it just sounds better without it.) The songs are long on rock groove, large on great melodies and vocal harmonies. BPB can turn a phrase, and offer tasty hooks in lyrics and arrangements. Frankly, their music is a ton of fun; call it party rock, if anything. Certainly it's good for a barbeque and a kegger.

Most clever tunes here: Not in Love, Dig Me When I'm Down (great chorus), and the really smooth Regret It. Most speedy with that punk friskiness: Predator. Best song: the closer, So Long, pure arena anthem material. But it's all pretty darn good. Easily recommended.

In Short

Bad Poetry Band's second album, The One Way Romance is cleverly crafted, quite infectious, melodic party hard rock.

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