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Black Earth: Pink Champagne
Black Earth - Pink Champagne Review

Black Earth: Pink Champagne

Heavy Rock

Moving like something between a freight train and a thundering herd is Austin Texas' Black Earth. If you're not familiar with this trio of heavy rockers, you might know their drummer, Jason Reece of the band And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. There's a good reason to check out this underground band.

Black Earth Photo

Above, Black Earth: fish-eye and wide.

Black Earth offers a hefty sound accented by blues, psychedelic, and stoner rock. They could be warped back to the late Sixties and early Seventies, with some paisley shirts, of course, and fit right in. Not to dismiss the rhythm section, but the centerpiece seems to be Jason 'Ving' Calise, and his gritty, fuzzy, groove busting lead licks, and he's not a bad singer either.

Mostly, on Pink Champagne, Black Earth is rocking, kicking ass, and taking names. Face Down in the Gutter, Livin' and Lovin', and My Private Hell are crafty, rumbling, even dirty, numbers that bring the groove and grit. Seat belts required. They also bring some slower tunes like Single Stitch or Dear Lady Lean. Is this Calise's softer side. Perhaps. But even these songs offer a heavy feel. Curious is the title cut, which closes the album; it's almost radio-friendly. It's not something you would expected from these ham-fisted heavy rock bruisers.

If you dig the recent resurgence of heavy rock from the likes of Trucker Diablo, Stubb, or Grifter, you need to jump on Black Earth's groovy heavy rock train. You'll be glad you did. Recommended.

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In Short

Black Earth's Pink Champagne delivers heavy rock laced with blues, psychedelic, and stoner rock, and a boatload of whiskey drinking and ass-kicking attitude.

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