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Klimecky, Chris: This Journey
Chris Klimecky - This Journey Review

Klimecky, Chris: This Journey

Melodic (Hard) Rock

This Journey is a rather appropriate name for Chris Klimecky's third solo album. His life and musical adventure has taken him from Michigan to Seattle, from Eighties Van Halen to his own melodic prog rock band, Jester's Crown, to his current modern melodic rock. Klimecky suggest that this is sound he had in his head for the last 20 years. Humorously, he describes This Journey as 'modern rock with heart like Switchfoot or Foo Fighters without the screaming.' More significant is the simple fact that Klimecky played every instrument and produced this album.

Chris Klimecky Band Photo

Chris Klimecky: he's the one in the front.

Honestly, from the first spin or two, I found This Journey unconvincing, interesting and sometimes entertaining, but not wholly convinced that I liked it. Yet it did grow on me. The fundamental reason is likely that Klimecky is strong composer creating well-crafted melodic rock songs. There's a brisk freshness to his sound, and largely, to these ears, it comes from the strength of his melodic guitar riffs and leads.

Yet, there was something that bugged me about This Journey and, even after several spins, I can't put my finger on what it is. I think it may be Klimecky's vocal style which, while varied and assertive, wasn't all that appealing to me.

Regardless of that elusive personal observation, Chris Klimecky's This Journey is rather interesting and entertaining modern melodic rock. Perhaps at this stage in his journey, Klimecky is at the top of his game. Recommended.

In Short

Chris Klimecky's This Journey finds the musician in fine form: writing, composing, and playing well-crafted and entertaining modern melodic rock tunes.

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