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Destination's Calling: End of Time
Destination's Calling - End of Time Review

Destination's Calling: End of Time

Melodic Power Metal

Destination's Calling is a melodic power metal band from Germany, a hotbed for the genre for more than 25 years. While they've been at their craft for 12 years, End of Time is only their third album in that time. However, DC invested in their production, recording with the famous producer Sascha Paeth at his Gate-Studio in Wolfsburg.

Destination's Calling Band Photo

Destination's Calling: nicely photoshopped.

This simple extravagence accounts for the two best things about End of Time: the mix and the vocal arrangments. While many parts of the album have a heavier power metal feel, akin to an Evergrey, the clarity and crispness of the production makes every instrument stand out. Christian Grater is a strong vocalist; many time his performance carries the song, notably a ballad like Another Day.

However, at it's very best End of Time is rather standard European power metal fare. This hardly makes it bad, merely predictable. Yet, positively, the arrangements are mature and the songs performed with precision. After several spins, I think the stronger songs are in the latter half of the album, especially the title track, Walking on Thin Ice, and The Way Back Home. Power metal purists may quibble over the three metal ballads as excessive, and I probably wouldn't argue with them.

Nevetheless, for well-crafted and well-executed melodic power metal, End of Time is a good album, and Destination's Calling is a band to watch. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

For well-crafted, well-executed, yet typical, melodic power metal End of Time is a good album, and Destination's Calling a band to watch.

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