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Eclectic Mayhem: Eclectic Mayhem
Eclectic Mayhem Review

Eclectic Mayhem: Eclectic Mayhem

Alt/Indie Melodic Rock

It must have been fun coming up with their band name, Eclectic Mayhem. Just toss two words together with no real logical relationship and run with it. However, only 'eclectic' really fits this band's sound as the draw from a variety of sources for their music.

Eclectic Mayhem Photo

Eclectic Mayhem: all dressed up.

Mostly, it's post-grunge melodic rock with definite nuances of power-pop and progressive rock. Ultimately, Eclectic Mayhem sounds good and likely different from much of current alt-indie fare. Much of this comes from the variation in the songs, a demonstration of creativity in craftsmanship. Songs like On My Way, For the Birds, Bender, and Fun with Guns, at the core of this album, are simply a listening pleasure to the balance of instruments and the novel movements within, which range from quirky to smooth.

Perhaps the Eclectic Mayhem's two greatest assets are Pat Conley's comfortable and harmonious vocal style and Dan Cooley's deep and diverse guitar work. The former draws you in with ease, he's simply smooth, and you like listening to him sing. As to the latter, Cooley is the atypical guitar player, adept at rock, but more comfortable with innovation. You want to hear what he will do in each song. Finally, there's some quite nice piano play from Jonathan Khouri which brings a colorful accent to many of the songs. Again, as mentioned earlier, with the interesting song arrangements, Eclectic Mayhem simply sounds really good. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Eclectic Mayhem offers some intriguing and entertaining alternative melodic rock powered by strong and varied song arrangements and solid musicianship.

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