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Saint Rebel: The Battle of Sinners and Saints
Saint Rebel - The Battle of Sinners and Saints Review

Saint Rebel: The Battle of Sinners and Saints

Modern Heavy Rock/Metal

Here's Saint Rebel, a Danish heavy rock band, and their latest (first?) album, The Battle of Sinners of Saints getting the push in America from High Sonic Records. A single spin finds them fitting in with current trends.

Saint Rebel Band Photo

Saint Rebel: a contradiction of terms.

The band doesn't stray far from the modern rock formula being mostly d-tuned and heavy, sometimes bordering on coarseness, only a meter or two away from hardcore. And then there's the screamo vocals. They can be a bit speedy and thrashy as Always Alone and Halo demonstrate. If my ears aren't deceiving me, you might hear slight blues nuances in that former song and the later, I'd Rather Be a Narcissist. But that could be a stretch.

Whilst not without melody and a share of hooks, The Battle of Sinners of Saints is generally heavy and nearly relentless, an example of the modern heavy rock status quo. The exceptions are the modern rock ballad The Dying Child and the rather friendly old school feel of Sell My Soul. But even this song ends with crushing harshness and more screamo vocals.

In the end all this makes them fit into the current American market, and probably why High Sonic picked up on them. But it also makes them typical, if not ordinary. Give them a extra half point for enthusiasm. If you dig the current modern heavy rock scene, you'll like this album.

In Short

Saint Rebel's The Battle of Sinners of Saints is a European import into the American modern heavy rock scene, being heavy, coarse, with lots of screamo vocals and thrashing about. In other words, rather typical of trends.

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